The 3D Printable Braille Typeface Project

by aaskedall Apr 15, 2018
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Nice work, thanks for creating these. I just finished printing a set at 350% for my wife who teaches braille, and we noticed that the individual 'Q' and 'U' files are each missing a bump, even though they are correct in the full plate file.

  1. That's great!
  2. I'll fix asap!

Hola, tiene para identificar si la pieza esta al revés?

Hola, gran trabajo, pero necesito la Ñ

Added the Ñ. Gracias.

This, is beautiful. Thank you for developing this.

Thank you so much for sharing!

great work! congrats

Great job. I always think of doing something useful to people with special needs. You did it

While I love this for its inspirational and awareness-building qualities, is there actually a way in which this could improve everyday accessibility issues?

I was thinking about divergent signage just yesterday when I noticed that on the train I was riding, there was a lot more information conveyed via visual than via tactile signage. Clearly, a dual-purpose visual/tactile font would appear like an ideal way to eliminate that divergence ... if co-location of visual and tactile signage wouldn't create accessibility problems of its own.

I think just extruding a lot of signage so someone could make a mental model combined with 3d type.

Sounds like you might be a fan of Don Norman too? I thought his "Design of Everyday Things" was quite the revelation, putting a lot of concepts (like the mental model) into place for me. A bit like the solution to a complex puzzle of which I only knew a few pieces :-)

Oh yes, an amazing book :)

Awesome and beautiful idea. Did you use it? Why did you create it?

I saw some wonderful typefaces like this out there and thought it would be such a natural fit for 3d printing.

didn't know this existed until it was featured

Amigo, algunas letras necesitan reparación. Las pasé por Netfabb y se resolvió. Saludos

Thanks for the catch! fixed them all sir.

Excelente trabajo!

Comments deleted.

Thanks for checking it out :)