#3DBenchy Dry Dock Display Stand

by mikeymakesit Apr 14, 2018
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Would like a mod to allow for wall hanging, maybe ill whip up a remix

I had an issue with the overhangs over where the Benchy roof slides in not bridging well and getting hairy, I bet it would help if I upgrade my cooling solution. Next time I think I will print it upside down. I bet that will turn out better. But nothing a little filing did not take care of, thanks!

Best shizz I’ve seen in a long time!!

Would be awesome if they clipped together but I guess CA will suffice just fine as an alternative or hot glue if I want to change the layout later on

I worked on clips that use the small holes on the back side. I finished clips for top-bottom but never finished a design for side-side clips. It’d be great if you whipped some up and shared! I’ll try to remember adding the one clip I did finish.

I uploaded the vertical connector.

Because people want to have a way to store their benchys.

For me I print one with every roll of filament I get.

because we can. Thats why =D

Why not! I had a practical reason too... I print benchies for filament material and color reference. After hitting about 60 benchies they were taking up a lot of space. The dry docks let me stack vertically to consolidate benchy sprawl.

How do you then reference "whose" filament was used for each ... interesting concept as I have been using this for material colour and reference: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:684741

Filament Color Swatch Keychain
by Odirse

Good question. I typically write in black fine permanent marker on the bottom of each #3DBenchy which brand and color filament were used. While mounted in the dry dock it's hard to read, but I can usually still make out just enough to remember which is which.

There is opportunity for some more innovation here. I was thinking little name plates in the holes where the tabs go, but there's not enough room. Open to ideas!

i actually found it really interesting.. I dont like the ZYX cube enough to make one of each filament i buy.. but this could actualyl be a good excuse to make them with benchies =D nice design ;)
(im kinda kelly it never occured to me too =P )