Prusa i3 MK3 - Meanwell RSP-320-24 Power Supply Cover

by astromech8037 Apr 15, 2018
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Why did you opt for the RSP-320-24 power supply, vs the LRS-350-24 power supply?
The RSP-320-24 is almost twice the price, but offers built-in active PFC function.
Is Active Power Factor Control needed for the Prusa i3 MK3?
What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Power supplies from 75W must have a PFC in the EU. See also:

Therefore never use power supplies without PFC!
The Prusa PSU and the LRS-350-24 meets these standards only inadequately and is therefore not really EU compliant!

Could you please add the Thing Details such as filament, part orientation, support requirements and infill to this project.

recommended to use PETG or ABS.
no supports required.
I used 3 perimeters and 15% infill
for the main body, orient the bottom of the body to the build plate.
for the bottom cover, orient the bottom of the bottom cover to the build plate.
for the upright bracket, orient so that the thin protrusion is on the build plate.

Yeah. That would print alot faster with those settings. When I went to print it I used 20% infill @ .2mm and it said 13 hrs in S3D. That is a long time as I printed another one that took me 6hrs with those same settings. I rotated everything -90 degrees.

I got it down to 12hr 23 minutes.

This is a great design. Fits the LRS-350 perfectly! Thanks so much!

Just finished with my power supply replacement. I can also confirm this works fine with the LRS-350-24. Great work!

While I expect you would be fine just using the original power cables, I did end up building my own set. While I was attaching cables, I did take one of the original pair of power cables and hooked it up to the third pair of terminals for a future LED lighting project for my enclosure.

Thank you for the model, it fits also the LRS350.