Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Quick Fit Carriage System - BETLOG VERSION

by BETLOG Apr 16, 2018
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Note: anyone wanting the original .blend files - please refer to the relevant comment in my profile.

Hi Betlog,

I understand your opinion. I have rebuild the two parts of the carriage with FreeCAD. If you don't mind I will post a remix when I have added my things.


Of course :)
Since installing it in my i3 I have been very lazy about continuing the design, so all contributions welcome.
(Actually I have made so many design iterations that it is almost unrecognisable now, and totally incompatible with this quickfit... essentially I have designed it inot a completely different hotend.. one I have never actually printed however. I recently discovered that my DB cables do not have the wiring I was expecting, so now that has to be redesigned as CAT6.... the process seems endless...and I am again reminded that I REALLY hate designing partfaan shrouds/mounts for the i3's available space)

Yes, this direct drive version is really not compatible with the quickfit. At the beginning it is easy to say "I will add this and this.". But when you look more detailed into it you see, that available space is needed for an easy mount but not available. The PCB should be on the back side and the BLTouch on the front side. Mounting the BLTouch on the hotend bracket make no sense because you will need several BLTouch. First I will make a bracket for my V6 clone without the piezo and then I will look further.

Or do you have a mount for a V6 clone without the piezo?


Dumb question: All of the posted pictures shows an E3D v6 hotend. Can I use my Anycubic i3 Mega's standard hotend. I have printed the hotend assembly and everything seems to line up correectly. I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything

I have no idea.
I have been mixing and matching hotend components with a multitude of generic Chinese nozzles, heatbreaks, heatsinks and heaterblocks for so long that I really don't know what's 'normal' any more. Without googling I don't know dimensions of a proper e3d hotend because I would never pay that much for one. But because you can mount it at various heights on the carriage frame, and use various height adjustable z endstops, it should be possible to use almost any hotend.


I am using a BLTouch at the moment and want add a mount for it and a bracket for the PCB. Unfortunatly the STL cannot converted with FreeCAD to a solid and therefor I cannot remix this. Can you please share your original files? Thank you.



great design! Is it possible to add a version which use hexagon nuts instead of square nuts?


Could You share CAD files? I want to add bracket to mount PBC connection plate on top of the stationary part.

Would you mind sharing the CAD files as well?

Looks awesome. What kind of part cooling fan works with this?

added arms
see the notes...though

hahahah, ikr
i have spent the last few days trying to design something to fit this, but as with every other partfan for every other situation i have tried to design; they suck.
I am still working on it, but feel free to design something.

I have 90% of the design for a rear mounted dual fan attachment with a circular shroud, but the dimensions need work before it is useful....and I've had to redesign my Z endstops. Which seems to be working adequately.
I was most recently considering mounting two fans on the front, but I'm not liking any of my preliminary positions, so chances are I'll never complete it.
Right now I'm considering modifying the scolopendra to fit this mount.
That way there is no need for a secondary partfan. How well it works, or if it's easy to fit into the dimensions of this mount will remain to be seen.

E3Dv5 - Scolopendra i3 Cooler for i3mega and other

Yeah, as I thought: it's wider than 60mm... and I'm not in a hurry to lose a) any print area, or b) my nozzle-based piezo auto leveling.
So i'll probably revert to doing what made me think to use the scolopendra in the first place; and just design some simple air redirection in behind the heatsink. A bolt-on solution would have been nice, but given that I'm going to have to modify that anyway, I'll most likely just design someting simpler from scratch.
That said; it does work moderately well without a part fan, so a simple scoop should get it up to minimum partfan spec.

What the point? Could you also give real printed photos?

It lets you remove your entire printhead very easily, and allows for the use of any length hotend.