Mavic Air Pro Spark stick guard

by AlessandroErrico Apr 16, 2018
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This is the 20th joystick defender ... Someone tells me why you need to protect your arms?
Because it moves? You do this even when you use it !!

It protects them. But you are free to don't make it. Peace

This protector protects the remote control from what effect?
During use, it is not necessary if I do not use it in the bag and what does it protect?
what if it is pressed ... Nothing because it is not turned on ...

So why should it be protected?

Cause it protects the sensitive stick gimbals during transport silly.. Geez everybody does this with their expensive transmitters in the RC hobby ! You seem a little unfamiliar with the hobby if you seriously don't know what transmitter gimbal protectors are.. Abuse of your gimbals will cause premature failure of the controls , starts off by the stick center starting to drift off center or even completely quit. I've replaced hall sensor gimbals because of this neglect. Why waste money , Protect them. If you don't have anything nice to say , why say anything at all ? It contributes nothing and makes you look a little .....

First it protects display (for mavic pro) and sticks during transports in a backpack if you do not remove them every time. But it also avoids turning it on accidentally.
Watch the following link to understand why people buy/make this accessory.