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Ice Cube Maker Cup (Pro)

by 3Deddy Apr 16, 2018
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Hrmm. One possible suggestion to change the design would be instead of there being holes at the top of every row of cubes, only have a single hole.
The reason for this suggestion is that if people want to leave the inner cup inside the outer ice tray and drink from the inner cup, as the ice melts it would leak out onto the person drinking. If there is only one fill hole, the drinker can place it on the other side away from their face so it wouldnt dribble on them while using it. Just a thought..

Thank you so much for your feedback!
Please note that by design it’s not meant to be a cooled cup to drink from. Nevertheless I like the idea. I could make a bit larger cup in a cup? Fact is I don’t think the seal between outer and inner cup is watertight enough to stop it from dripping.

Again, thanks!

You could always use a straw. That way you don't have to tilt the cup.

What a BRILLIANT idea! Drink cozy and no mess ice cube tray in one!

when slicing the outside cup appears to have holes in the bottom center of each circle.


sorry for the late reply...

It has something ti do with your slicer settings. Witch slicer do you use? Try fiddle with these settings:
-Extrusion width
-External Wal Type
-Internal Wall Type


I have attempted 3 times to print this without supports and get a similar issue - the base prints perfect, but once the print transitions into the "bubbles" things start going horribly wrong..... ctenc001 did you ever figure out your issue? 3Deddy - do you have any recommendations for the print settings you mentioned above? Ill try to post a picture later today.

Yess, I like to help you with your slicer settings. This is definitely a challenging print. 3 attempts is a good start. :-)

What slicer do you use? And what printer? Maybe I can slice it for you.

Learning by ‘failures’......

Thanks!! Printing with TPU on a prusa MK3, with Prusa Slic3r......

Attempt 1 - ended with a giant spaghetti nest of TPU which had escaped the extruder
Attempt 2 & 3 - ended the print after for the first layer of bubbles got about haft way through, lots of poor adhesion, like it needed supports, I think I need to get the cooling fan on higher maybe, but it also seemed like it was missing part of the bubble like the guy above was describing....

I also probably need to bake my TPU to dry it out as well at this point. Anyway, I'd appreciate any help you could offer!

I think one thing that would make it easier to print, is if you extended the vertical connection cylinders that go from layer to layer all the way to the build plate, but just don't include the ID geometry. This would give the first layer of balls support to the build plate, and help it slice better as well.

Don't know if I understand you well.... But attached is a test. I have add a fillet to the first row of balls. Could you test if that makes it easier to print? Print only the first row... Let me know it this works I'll chance the whole model.

And yes... TPU is nightmare to print you need to tune endless... And it should be super dry indeed..

A Cover would be realy nice!

Good Idea! Stay tuned.....

is it possible to make this without flexible pla?

Sure! But maybe it's harder to get the ice out of the cups? Give it a try en let us know the result please....