Cupcake Transformer

by jmillerid May 5, 2010
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I've printed it. Now to get hardware to assemble it. The print came out awesome.

Printrbot: Robot's In Disguise

printrbot should really hop on this lol

Wow, that's amazing!
Would it be possible to do built without screws and nuts and print snaps instead?

awesome can't wait to print

oh MAN I want to build this! The only thing cooler than a printable transformer is, well... there isn't anything. Nice job!

a printable printer that transforms?

Skeinforge says this is 102mm on X..

Have people gotten this to print ok on a cupcake?

Excellent work. Hope to see on the operators group soon :D

Love the design, but sucks you didn't add the "http://makezine.com/go/makerbotmakezine.com/go/makerbot" link. Hope you don't get disqualified for it and can still win the Cupcake. Way better than mine.

Any chance you can upload the individual stl files in a zip file so I can make a HUGE one?

Uploaded a zip file with individual stl files... can't wait to see a giant Bre-Bot!

Parts are oriented properly (bottom-down) but must be scaled and placed together as necessary for a build. Of course the hardware will need to be scaled up as well. If you double the size, you should be able to use 1/4-20 x 1.5" long flat head screws (like McMaster #90273A546) and 1/4-20 lock nuts (like McMaster #97135A210), although the nuts won't seat as nicely in their captive pockets.

Good luck!!!

ok thats it, now i REALLY need a makerbot in order to print this :p

great job, hope you win the contest!

It printed well. I like all the captive nuts.

Good job.

Neat! Any chance of a bigger image gallery, maybe with it next to a soda can or something for scale? Also, any plans to paint it?

How well did the detail come out? It's hard to see the face in this photo, but it's hard to tell if that's because of the color making it hard to see properly or if the face really is that flat.

Wow, AWESOME!!! Thanks Frank!

This is awesome! Any pictures of an actual printed one?

Outstanding! love the animation. The best entry yet in my opinion. :)

lol dammit i love it , gotta hand it to you its awesome, very well thought out design, i'm in the competition but i have to rate this all 5 stars, could you tell me what program you used to make model, and animation. 8-)

Hands down win. Clever. Well designed. Nicely executed. I cannot wait to see one printed.

Agree total winner

I think Bre would love this :-D
I added the "makeentry" tag, cuz this thing is going to win hands down.
This deserves a printer.

Hey - this will win for sure! awesomeness + flattery = win!

Great work! Looking forward to seeing one printed! :)

Called it. :)

Totally win! Enjoy your new printer! :)