cities & knights 2.0 (magnetic & multicolor)

by Dakanzla May 8, 2018
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Hi Dankanzla, thanks for sharing this wonderful settler set with us.
I'm currently print the tiles for the base game and your color guide helps a lot.
Would it be possible that you also upload a color guide for this one (no need if it is a big effort)

Hy, I just uploaded the color guide under the thing-files :-)

Thanks for the guide. I really appreciate your hard work.

Hi Dakanzla, I am trying to print rhe knight 1 and the knight 2 and knight 3 - I am using prusa slicer 2.0 - I set different colors for all 3 STLs for a multicolour print. However when I slice it for some reason the numbers do not slice properly with the selected color. Do you know why that is or how to fix it? I've attached a photo, the left is the model unsliced then the right photo shows how it slices.

Hy, I replaced the files and corrected some errors in the mesh. Could you try if it works now. :-)

Hi Daklanza, looks like all 3 knights still do not slice properly, the numbers do not appear in multicolour when sliced. Knight 2 appears to me missing some pieces, the head is not there.

Hy, I corrected the parts for knight 2. Now the head is there. I also downloaded the newest version of prusa-Slicer 2.0 and used the 0.15 mm optimal-setting as I always do for such small parts. The numbers do also work up to 2.0 mm settings. If you go higher than that, of course they cant be printed anymore. As the files look alright in the newest version of the officially supported slicer from prusa, I see no reason why the files should be problematic...

Got it to work! i was using my own personal printing profile at 0.15mm but for some reason it wasn't slicing properly, probably some other adjustments ive made to the profile. Switched to the 0.15 mm profile and it sliced fine. Will print these and let you know if i have any other issues!

Just started printing this! Question the city improvement tiles obviously don't entirely replace the actual booklet that you need to use to play the expansion because it doesn't tell you the resources needed for the upgrades, do you have any design that shows you what resources are needed for the upgrades for each city improvement tile?

The number embedded into the tiles show the amount you have to pay for each improvement:
Yellow: cloth
Green: paper
Blue: coin

Hey Moe,

Can you explain this:
"City-improvements are always placed with the tiniest one first (number 2) and then getting bigger in size (up to number 6)"
i noticed that in the 1.0 version they started with number 1, But in this version they start with 2?

Edit: I may just have figured it out: it is for the highest dice roll you're allowed to select a progress card, I just thought it started at one! :)

Thats it and I also adapted version 1.0 this way :)

Quick question: isn't there supposed to be a merchant with this expansion? I see that there is a trader boat type thing. But they're not the same no? And where do do I need the SC__monopole for?

Hy, yes the trader-ships do replace the original trader du to the fact that its difficult to place it on 3d terrain (its also mentioned in the description). The monopoles are the 3rd-stage of a settlement/city and correspond to the original part that could be placed on top of a city :)

Shoot I missed that. sorry about that!
Im now finishing the last 4 tiles. Added a picture.
That means I now have all 75 tiles for the base game as well as the expansion city and knights and Seafarers. Now all that's left is to print all the game pieces.
Tiles alone are over 200 hours of print time.
Great work mate, these models are awesome!

No worries :) wow thats a lot of printing. Looks good :) good luck with the rest :)

Hey cool, wish you good luck with the game. I'm currently also in the process of making one. Not a 4k game though :) do you plan to make a kickstarter?

Hi Dakanzla, thank you so much for creating and sharing. I am an amateur board game designer and I have been working on a game for a few years that is a 4X (explore, expand, exploit and exterminate) type game and have a few months ago changed my map system to use "tri-hexes" (3 hexes linked together).

Now that I have a 3D printer (2 weeks), besides printing out stuff for Gloomhaven and scatter terrain for war games, I have come across your 3D terrain and now plan to use it at 45% scale for my modular map. Totally made my day, I have even started to learn how to use tinkercad so I can modify your and other designs for my prototypes. I just painted up a set this morning to start.

Take care and have a great day.

Hi Dakanzla!!

Are the economic pieces (market, bank, ...) or science pieces (aqueduct, university, ...) of version 1.0 in 2.0 compatible?

Because I already have blues and greens printed, although the blue tiles already have them printed, I would change them with time.

It seems easier to place the magnets in this version

Hy, yes the city improvements do have the same size so it should work :)

Amazing models, what software do you use to model?

Hy, I mostely use tinkercad (links to the models are below in the description) ore blender :)

Wow. Definitely Things of the week.

Thx a lot :) was quiet some effort all together. Hope people like to play it as well :)