by schm4704 Aug 16, 2012
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Hi, so this should fly back straight off the 3d printer? No need to glue anything besides adding some weight to one of its wings like a taped quarter, right? I ask because I though (maybe for some dumb reason) that one of its sides shouldn't be flat, meaning the side thats against the 3d printing platform. Thanks!

Hi wjmarrero, the boomerang should be as flat as possible. No need to bend the wings or anything of this nature. In fact, bent wings will negatively affect the performance of the boomerang (will fly too high or too low).

The weight may or may not be helpful. I would first try without it. I have a print of this model straight off a Makerbot 2 that flies perfectly without any further modifications.

Params that worked for me :

In slicer : 1000% scale, then thicken from 3.5 to 4.4mm

  • PLA filament
  • 0.2mm layers
  • 2 outer shells (0.4mm extruder)
  • 3 base/top layers
  • 15% triangle filling

Weights a little bit under 17.5 grams, when thrown at about a 25° outward angle and slightly uphill it can come back right on you after a steep elevation. Pretty fun for ~40 cents of filament.

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.
Except, what do you mean by "thicken from 3.5 to 4.4mm"? Do you mean scale up the Z axis only (4.4-3.5)/3.5 = 25.714%?
By the way, after a 1000% (uniform) scale, I find the z axis to be 3.2 mm tall.

Exactly, I mean scaling the z axis only; I thought I had made it 3.5 mm tall - my mistake. You can play with the z scale. If the boomerang is too thick, it will be a bit sluggish, have too much drag, and may even be too heavy to return at all. If made too thin, it will probably become too floppy and may lack wind resistance. You can also scale the whole thing, of course. The smallest one I have fits into the build space of a Makerbot 2 (i.e., it is pretty damn small, almost fits into the palm of my hand).

Thanks for sharing these!

Simply lovely. I spent several hours modeling wood booms in college. If I had a 3d printer... thanks!

Thanks for your message. I don't own a 3d printer either, I've had my boomerangs printed by service companies so far. It gets a little pricey, though. The cheapest offer I could find costs me about 15 euros each.

btw put a reminder that it has the lefty file in it

Hi phish,

thanks for pointing that out. I added a reference to the included lefty file in the description.

I made one......Practice your throw technique and it does fly well and come back.
I used 100% infill
0.4 layer height

just added on to the made section, ended up in a tree but was good fun while it lasted, printing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10188http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... now and hope it will last longer before i put it in another tree


The yellow one is right off the printer from a professional printing company. No manual postprocessing whatsoever.

wow this thing looks pretty sweet. does it come off the printer looking like this, or is there some post printing finishing/clean up?

Update: I had the boomerang printed (on a HP DesignJet, I think) as big as it would go in the 20 cm x 20 cm bounding box of the printer. It's about 3.5 mm thick.

It's kind of smallish for a sports boomerang, but it does fly indeed and you should be able to get some catches out of it. I'd compare it to the kids' models in 3 mm birch plywood that are offered by some boomerang makers.

PS. The narrow racing stripe down the middle was not intentional. I assume it is some sort of rounding error in Blender or in the STL conversion.

Well, it looks good. It's got the curves and slopes right. But the whole thing is only 2cm. I'm half tempted to print it at this size just for the lulz.

Scale it up by 7 and it'll still fit on a replicator platform. By 6 it'll still fit on a printrbot. Theoretically by 5 and it'll fit on a Tantillus.

On second thought I like this scale. Just scale it up for your printer.