Plasma Sceleratus tank (28mm)

by SebTheis Apr 17, 2018
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What program do you use that you can mirror? I use FlashForge and I either can't find it or it's not there. Thanks for the great work as per the usual!

CURA can orient and mirror parts, and you can export in STL once it's done.

Thanks so much!
Is CURA only compatible with Ultimaker printers or can it work with any? love your work by the way

Hey Seb,
Awesome work as always mate.
Printed out all the parts perfect except for the main turret. Using Simplfy3D it seems that the front and back halves are not quite fully attached so just fell off after the print finished.

Had the same problem printing some parts on the Venerator variant - must be a S3D thing.
Reprinting in CURA as you suggested. FYI - Repetier host claims it isn't manifold.

Everything turned out fine for me with Cura

Yep - reprinted the part in CURA and worked perfectly.

I'll post a made one once I've got it assembled attached onto the Sicaran chassis

Hello, what printing program should i use to do the mirrored parts? i have gotten to comfortable using S3d but i have not found a mirror option.

Mirror is under the "Mesh" menu.

Select the item to be mirrored, go to "Mesh" -> "Mirror" -> "Mirrox on X axis"

As mentioned above, I did have some problems printing the main turret part in S3D but all the other parts printed perfect.

I honestly dont know about S3D. I use cura and it is really simple to flip parts

Now we just need that sweet sweet punishing gattling gun. the ultimate dakka

Gatling Sceleratus tank (28mm)

Yeah that's the next one.
I still need to mess around with the side weapons

Oh man, I love your work! Side weapons! Great... Despite the fact I play death guard I am printing 3 Sicarians, just because they look so great (and I read that there are rules for them for chaos in imperial armour) Thx alot!

Please share your makes once it's done!