Berd-Air Tube Bender (3 mm)

by kuhnikuehnast Apr 19, 2018
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Moin moin.
Gute Idee, hatte auch schonmal so eine Idee gehabt.
Wie ist den jetzt so deine Langzeit Erfahrung?
Grüße aus Hessen

Does anyone know where to find the pipe at a fair price? I've seen some sources from the uk but shipping seens expensive for what it is. I am in Spain

Hmm, Ive tried using it a few different ways.. maybe you can explain with photos how to go about using it?
I don't know where to put the tube in order to start, to make it work? The few semi-working I got bend 3/4 of the way before it refused to stay put.
The clamping parts are also severely weakened due to the "cross-holes". Speciically the part holding the big wheel. Printed in ABS put it consistently broke apart.. I might obviously just be using it wrong, so please show how to do it properly for bending-noobs like me :)

Hello. What's the m3 screw for located below the big wheel?
Edit: Hah, ask and you figure it out yourself.. for the small wheel of course :)

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was ist denn das für ein Bohrständer auf Deinen Bildern?
Gruß Matthias

I'm struggling with the original berdair when it comes to overhang, I thought of switching to 3mm tubing to increase air flow but I've never considered angle for the holes as you mentioned, are you satisfied with that 45° angle ? Did you see significant improvement compare to a 90° angle ?

don't think a 90° angle would work? With 90° all the air will just go right to the printbed resulting in warping and not to the tip of the nozzle?

AirBerd ship their tubes with holes at 90 degree. (Toward the bed) but I've got wrapping on overhang when I print over 30mms, so if 45 degree improves this point at higher speeds I'll got for it :)