Bladeless fan for 70 or 80mm axial fans with adjustable angle

by Triple_S Apr 19, 2018
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Is there actually a bigger case for 2 120mm fans?

I've made custom case for 120mm fan - airflow is bad. But you can increase height in source and try it with 2 120mm fans.
Addition. Checking 2 120mm set. Added 2nd 120mm fan in current case. Conclusion: 2 120 mm fan set will beat single 80 mm version.
Addition 2. Checking 2 80mm set. 2 80mm fans feat whole highest case, I've placed top part on the top fan and airflow is even worse that single 80mm fan.

Bladeless fan 120 mm case
by MadVit

I think it would not be feasible to use a 120mm fan without altering the top part, since the area for the airflow would decrease.

I imagine a high static pressure fan would work better in something like this over a high airflow fan.

Hi. An excellent design. Built it with left over computer fan and plug-pack power supply. Works great and best of all, recycles old parts. Great work. My wife uses it in her lab. She is the envy of all her colleagues. She thanks you heaps.

Thank you, I'm glad you and your wife like it.

Hi, it's a great design. I just bought a 3D printer a few days ago and would like to make this. I have an 80mm fan and 3-prong led switch so I need to modify the hole size for the switch. Could you please upload skp file for 80 mm base? Thanks a lot.

Great design, but it stifles fan :(

I made one with this fan https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002QVFN7G/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 it works but the fan power was very weak, I printed a filler piece for the back of the fan and improved the output quite a bit but I would still say that its far from a gale that's blowing.

Hi, Great design, is there any chance you could make a base for a 90mm x 25mm fan (ds09225b12h) the real measurements appear to be nearer 92mm x 25mm?

Thanks in advance.

I'll take a look at it, but at the moment I have not much time, so it might take a while. Sorry

Not to worry, I'll have dig through and find another fan. Thanks anyway.

Hey, i have a fan with the same measures, can u tell me wich one u find?
or maybe, Triple_S, did u have any modification of the stl-s?
Thanks in advice.

What did you use for the connection from a 12V power supply on the inside of the bottom and what type of switch did you use? I'm getting all the parts printed and will send a pic when it's all done. Great adaptation of the original design! I'm going with the 80mm fan since I have lots of old PC's laying around that use that size for cooling. Might as well make them useful for something!

thanks in advance!

Actually I don't know the names of the switch and the power connection. I used only parts I had laying around at home, so I first looked for a power supply and the for a matching connector. Those are simmilar parts like the ones I used:

Could you make a base that supports a 120mm fan or a 40mm deep?

Making a base for a different fan height is no problem at all. It can be cone with just a few clicks. What diameter would you need? 70mm or 80mm.
About the 120mm fan things get a little complicated because the outer part is not meant for such large fans. I think the bes solution would be making a base for a 120mm fan and then an adapter from the 120mm base to the 80mm outer part. I think this is possible, but not useful. I would even say that the 80mm fan is a little bit oversized, because a larger fan does not necessarily correspond to a larger airflow. The pressure is the limiting factor here and I think a 120mm fan does not create a much larger pressure than a 80mm fan.
However if you need a different size, please tell me both the height of the fan and it's diameter.

That makes sense. I need it to house a 80mm x 38 mm fan. So I was figuring a 40 mm distance would clear perfectly. Maybe 42 mm to give a little clearance.

Hi! Do you have the Supermicro FAN-0095L4 by any chance? Was wondering how loud that thing is on the lowest level in the potentiometer, can you share your experience?

I just uploaded a matching base. I think 4mm is too much for tolerance, so I created it for a height of 40mm which should be sufficient.