Side Swiper (cootie) Morse key. Minimal hardware req.

by loughkb Apr 20, 2018
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This is great! A friend just sent me this and I love the idea of using thin PLA as a kind of live hinge / leaf spring. That really cuts down the number of extra required parts.

Looking at your OnShape design, you've got a lot of separate fillet operations at the feature level where I would have expected some of them to be integrated into sketches or to be done together as one operation. Was that a conscious decision, or just what was handy? I also notice that the fillets are largely at different radii; is that just an aesthetic choice?

This was my second major design in onshape and I'm still learning the software. I discovered fillet at the sketch level later on. And yes, most of the fillets were aesthetic choice. It was as much of an art project as it is a mechanical project. :-)

That makes sense then. It's a really nice design and once I test it out, there's a good chance I'll make a few for my local club. Great work!

What material did you use to print? I'm a fan of PETG, but I've got access to ABS and PLA if either of them will be "better" for the "spring". de AI8W

I printed it in PLA