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by mrhers2 Apr 24, 2018
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Great bunch of mechs. Love that you can swap around the weapons to allow a player to create their own individual warrior mech. Never thought of 4e as a mech battle system.

It's a bit of a homebrew system that changes over time lol. We are leaning more towards 5th edition with a greater visual representation than normal 5e dnd now.

I really would like to know more about this homebrew - the stat sheets have really caught my attention.

Sometimes I feel like I was the only person to enjoy 4e but I could see the combat working amazingly for big stompy Mechs

I really enjoyed 4e too! I wish people could have moved past the weekly encounters and expanded it to more open world campaigns. I know it's hard to have physical maps to fight in for every situation so I created a few generic large squares with each terrain type: stone, grass, space station, etc. That way if they run into someone that wants to fight I can randomly generate a quick fighting grounds by pulling out a handful of scenery from my bag of printed goodies. I'm a visually oriented person so half the fun of dnd is designing epic fights for a few key moments in the story. As you can see from the uploaded PDF I have a good boss fight planned on an old half sunk space ship in the ocean.

On to my home brew system! The big difference is that they do not level up by experience points. They got to pick one Main attribute (+5 bonus), one Minor attribute (+3 bonus), and one attribute their character is bad at (-3 negative). All other stats are gear based. So, if they want more fort then they need to find gear that gives fort. Otherwise, if they do want to learn a new skill or try to offset their negative then they are required to accomplish some great feat. One of my players has a negative in tech because he was raised by a family not in the mecha dominion but if he manages to roll good to hack his way into a system and then outsmart a computer AI then I will allow his character to learn from the situation and maybe that -3 becomes a +0 now. This mech campaign is all about epicness! The more they can explain why they are about to do something awesome and how their character could actually pull that off the more likely I will allow the dice to be in their favor. Being the DM allows me to keep the flow of the game going properly. I want a big finale so if they're unleashing hell from all their mech's weapons and explaining in great detail how everything is blowing up left and right and their mechs are stomping through valiently then I may secretly give them more of a bonus to help it finish properly ;) Questions?

So the mechs are modular, but the stats are static? The pdf you linked has pre-made mechs with chosen equipment.

Do you have something sorted out which details the benefits of the shoulder cannon vs steam wrist cannon vs whatever?

But as far as predefined stats goes... I do not have a book of stats and skills written out for each and every modular attachment. I essentially asked my group what their dream mech was and then asked them what kind of fancy attacks and abilities their mech would have. I then assigned attack modifiers and damage dice to each attack they came up with. Using mechs is their special daily power so I wanted them to have fun with making it and make it easier to role play how their mech would actually act.

It's all about the special moves and getting creative in the campaign I'm running. One player has the steam punk mech setup so that when he does a bear hug grab then his shoulder cannons can blast into the enemy he's grabbed. Where as the wrist cannons are used when he does a melee punch to deliver a blast on contact for an extra explosion to knock the target backwards. When he's not doing melee attacks he has the option to use his 2 shoulder cannons to target 2 different enemies or he can use the wrist cannon as more of an artillery that hits one spot and does a burst 1 explosion. That mech is all about field control so the damage is fairly similar but the outcome of moving the targets around is what stands out from the attacks. I hope that answers your question :)