Thor Stormbreaker Axe from Infinity War

by prophicy Apr 23, 2018
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Scaling seem to be off does anyone have one where they all fit together?

Hola. Estupendo el modelo. Lo imprimí para mi nieto y quedó fascinado y yo quedé como un duque. Muchas gracias y felicitaciones.

Handle_Top.stl has different scaling than other files. Could be this fixed, please? Thank you!

does 750 grams of filament would be able to make this whole thing?

Comments deleted.

any plans to make a more movie accurate handle as far as the vines that hold the axe? i would definitely love this thing on my wall but those vines that hold the axe is my only issue with this model. Would definitely tip you if you are able to make this slight change :)

I have been thinking about it just haven't gotten around to it. I'm working on a wearable MK 50 suit right now. Thats obviously taking a lot of time lol

Your hammer pins don’t line up with the handle slots and the vines prevent it from seating properly.

I LOVE YOU!!! Beutiful print (printing now) cant wait for it to be done I would tip you but im poor :'(

I understand, it's the thought that counts thanks

How am I able to break this down into smaller pieces? The pieces are too big for the printer I am using

MakePrintable is a good service to use or use windows 3dbuilder it is pretty easy to use

What orientation did you print the Hammerhead and blade?

Blade up and the face of the hammer to the bed

did you design this? if so anychance you could make thors eyepatch? i been looking for one and cant find it but you did great on this so thought i would ask

Yes I did design it. I will look at the eye patch. It shouldn't be too hard.

when are you doing it

Working on it now actually

that would be amazing let me know if you do :)

Amazing file! Definitely going to be my next print after Mjollnir.

Do you think you could split the Blade in two, down the center horizontally so I can print two and glue them together? At full scale (2450%) it's 303mm which is too big for my printer.

What a great file! I would like to send you a tip, does the "tip button" on thingiverse work? Will you get the Money when I send it to you?

Thanks it would be much appreciated!! Yes it does work

Done :-) Thank you for your great work

So would i scale up the "large" bottom to 2450 to get it scaled with the rest of the hammer for full size?

First of all great work. 2nd is this to scale 1 to 1

scale it up 2450% for full size

Isn't it supposed to scale up 2540% (because it's 25.4 mm / in)?

First, this is amazing. I really like the attention to detail which isn't present in any other design I have seen.
I don't know if you would be willing to share the original file, but I would like to make some minor mods. I plan to cast the head in aluminum using lost pla, and make the handle out of wood. I am concerned with wieldability. Is there any way you would be willing to share your design file? That would be a huge help.

I am posting a version you will be able to do that with soon follow me to get the update

it says prepare but I cannot download?? What am I doing wrong?

No idea. It is working fine for me on a couple different computers so it must be on your end.

Great build! is there a way to remove the vines from the axe head? (and only keep the "metal" part of the axe-hammer)

I might post it up later as a display since a couple people have asked follow me so you get the update

Thanks man, i'll stay tuned!

Oh man, this is sweet. It is pretty small though. What would you scale it up to to make it more life sized?

with the large handle its just about a 1/2 meter tall its already pretty much the right size.... you could scale up the head a bit, but keep in mind you have to scale the whole thing so it fits together

Ah, I see what it was small. I use imperial units and this is scaled in metric units. Sorry for living in the only country that doesn't want to conform to a standard unit of measure.

I changed Cura to use metric and now it looks right! Thanks

its fine I live in that ass backwards country too lol

This is an awesome model! Is there any way to get the center piece of the axe without the "wooden" part of the handle covering it? I'd really love to be able to print just the "metal" part of the axe.

I may post that at some point

What do you use to connect the parts of the handle to one another?

Gotcha, I couldn't tell the difference between that and a handle part on my phone. Thank you

Great job, verry nice :)

what scale should i print at downloaded them and they were tiny

They are in Standard measurements just convert to metric. Scale to 2540%

I think the handle in the movie is a good bit longer

It is....I wanted to make it with as little pieces as possible and able to be printed on most printers. Maybe I'll put a split handle up in the next few days so people can make a longer one if they want

So the axe and handle separately? Thatd be awesome. Ill print that. Keep us posted.

I just posted a longer version with the handle broke apart

Any chance you'd do a curved handle?