rc plane fockewulf-ww2-german-aircraft

by Z_DIMENSION Apr 21, 2018
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I'm about halfway through printing it out, it is a heavy plane I'm probably going to use a 2507 brother hobby on it will update later I used 3.46% of the scale it gave probably about 500mm wingspan I worry about how the wing to weight ratio is I'm thinking an 8" tri prop

By default, What scale is it ? 1/12th ?

Hi! Great design, but may i know more details
What is the span?
What motors to use?
How heavy is it?
I'm quite new to 3d printing so forgive me if is missed sth

Did anyone manage to make it fly?

It's Simply beautiful, especially with the combine color.

Hey guys, I’m going to test this plane in a few weeks maybe. The cold weather doesn’t let me and I need to add more details. I had to split some parts because some of them didnt fit in my 3d printer. I’m using Arduino nano microcontrollers along with the NRF24L01 transceivers. I couldn’t find the landing gear for this plane, so I’m just using some aluminum bars. Hope is not to heavy. I’m going to swap the 2 blade for a 3 blade propeller. And I’m going to paint it. Lights and sounds I’m going to be adding too. The controller is also based on using arduino nano and the nrf24l01. I’m using Cura for the printing software. I will see how this goes.

what motor, cg, prop, battery, weight are you using and how does it fly?

what printer settings and how did you print it? i tried it with the same settings as the other pieces and it did not work.

what do you mean it did not work?

I fixed it now I had just printed the lower 100 piece flat and hollow, not very smart. But now im printing it vertical, its doing just fine hollow!

have you flow it yet? Im thinking about making one.

I have tried to fly it, but i'm having issues with the wheels since is not included in the design. I added the wheels, but they need alignment. Also, I need to get another battery pack since it is too heavy. I'm using a 3000mAh. I was suggested to use some 1000 mAh poly battery pack.

Thank you @Roland88 for printing.
You have done a great job building it . Please send me video of the flight , it may help me on designing the next project.
and give me the problems you face, i would like to refine it .
please add it to the makes section linking to my page.

Thank you great job and great plane. I am in the process of printing using Symplfy3D. When I click prepare to print and when I actually print two pieces are not printing for me as shown in your drawings. The first piece is the upper 02, both ends are open which is not a problem. Where the problem comes in is lower 02 on this piece both ends are closed as shown however the right side is open. All other parts print as shown. Any help you can provide will be highly appreciated.

Warmest regards,

please send me the settings used
cuse i refered those files, its air tight, and has no triangulation error.
i used the same software to slice, mine works no problem.

HI, awesome model. Is there a chance you could make this a little bigger? Lets say a 1/7 scale? 1600mm wingspan or there about?

scale it up with your slicer software

Sry, But this is no FW 190.
A FW looks much different.

Its very close to a FW190. Depends on the model you looking at. Its missing a few details but the basic shape off a FW190 is there. I fly one every weekend so I know what to look for.

yes a landing gear would be fine

What is the total print time? Also what motor do you recommend?

Awesome design! Have any stl files or know where to get them for the landing gear and such? would be awesome if i could make a complete version. Thanks!

Hi! I have I'm curious to know how it is printed. Can you upload a photo? And if you have, can you upload a video flying? I love this design.
Thanks for share and congratulation

Any idea on the orientation of the lower to make it fit on anet a8? 220x220 and 240 high

Can seem to get it close but something is always out a tiny bit

i would be designing a smaller and compact version soon this month
with a dove tail

All good :)

I ended up cutting it in half in cura and using a epoxy glue to join the two sections.

Please can you upload a complete stl. file so it cna be viewed from all angles for easier construction

all files are uploaded
please check

What's the wingspan?

Hello, bice work. Can you post some picture of build one and maybe some video of flight. What is the weight of plane. Maybe some build and print instruction. Thanks :)

Its almost 700 g
interlocking system
Easy to fix
Use any wall thickness
Infill hexagon pattern works best
Use screws to access the top portion
Unscrew to access battery servo and receiver