Prusa Mk3 Improved Knob

by Bogdanko Apr 22, 2018
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Best knob! Just feels right :)

Hole's a tad undersized. Had to drill mine open a tad

Mine fits perfectly fine. Perhaps you overextrude?

Same here. I took a 5mm drill bit and kind of ran it around the inside edge of the hole until it fit.

the comments here are too good to be true. My guess is that this is a malware and this knob gathers data on my printer and send it to the designer!
anyway, i m going to try it.

in time we knew you would notice, please do not resist, you will be assimilated

Great design - I was convince to try it by the comments and was solid as soon as I put it on. Thank you!

"This is very strange and it seams unusual, but i can tell you! if you try it, you won't believe how natural it is..."
Yeah, right - was my first thought when I saw that "thing" that looks like something from a sci-fi movie.
But man was I wrong. This one is the ultimate knob for any printer.

Thank you man! Works great on my MK3.

You welcome!
You see, I told you so, XD
Sometimes this honest and beautiful comments, just pay all of my effort, time and material, you know?
Thank you for that.
And happy spinning on your new knob

Hello again,

Would it be possible for you to provide the source files ?
I'd like to create a multimaterial remix of it so that the inner circle (the one inside the "spikes") would be different color (I plan to print the circle in orange and everything else in black - it would compose great with https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2727713 )

Multi-color LCD cover/knob for MK2/MK3
by cipis

Don't know how or why this knob is so good....just that it is. Feels just right when navigating the menu.

Agree with others - this is the knob to have.

This is by far the best knob you can get!

Much better than original! I'll post my make when I can! Been using it a month now and it's been great! A highly recommended upgrade!

This knob is so much better than the original - Top job :-)

Is this meant to be printed standing up on its side, instead of laying flat down? Check the picture that's generated on Thingiverse, too.

I made it, swapped out the original one. Still using this one, haven't felt like putting the original back on. I didn't have a real problem with the original, but I'm digging this one. Thanks for making and sharing.

Gotta say, this knob is soo much better than the original one!

Thanks, it would be nice that Prusa implements it as original :)

The Prusa knob/lever gizmo never worked well for me. I tried this knob on a whim. I've printed up a few round knobs with finger indentations, but found them clunky to use.I found this one surprisingly effective. The shape provides a solid grip to allow rapid turns with a single finger, yet precise control with multiple fingers. The best enhancement to my printer so far!

How did you create this pattern? It's really good. I'd like to try it on my PS4 controller!

Thank you so much for your comment ! I really appreciate it. The pattern was created in Fusion360 nothing fancy, very easy to accomplish..
I personally really hated the prusa knob because you need to operate with 1 finger. Thats why I made something more flexible.
If you want I can help you with your PS4. I don't have 1 but if you provide me the measurements I can make you a prototipe.

i would like to use this knob, scaled down and modified for the knob on this thing www.thingiverse.com/thing:2933252.
i am new to fusion 360 and would like to try to modify it my self, and suggestions?

Prusa i3 Mk3: Display Cover

Thanks for sharing!

I love this Knob (my fingers in particular)!!

I'm glad that I could help :) Happy spinning!