Ez Arduino MiniKame Mk2 - 8 DOF Quadruped Robot

by manic-3d-print May 3, 2018
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How many screws do you need for this and anyone got a link to where I can buy this size screws online? I can't find it in any of the stores around me.

About 10 of m2x6 self-tapping screws, likely you can buy them in your local hardware store.

Been looking for them at home depot and lowes and they dont go that small.

if going online, you can buy them in https://www.aliexpress.com as well.

hello can you detail me the pieces to use to make it thank you

see Thing Details tab, build instructions and videos are stated there clearly.

Hi, thanks a lot for you work. I was fighting agains install the code in an arduino nano board and the automated mode works great. The problem appears when I wanted to use an HM10 module for bluetooth. I think the hardware is very similar because is the same chipset, but when I connect goble to the module and I move the joystick the program gets stucked and an arduino board's led begin to blink. I think there is a conflict with minikame library and that firmware. Does anyone else use that module?
Thanks a lot.

I tried this example with goble and runs very well without including particle library

the robot code is set serial baud rate to 115200, you must set it by AT+BAUD8

I used the command AT+BAUD4 in HM10 firmware that sets 115200 speed. And it works at that speed, because I can send AT commands to the bluetooth module using a TTL to usb adapter (Ftdi or CP2102 chipset).
In the following link appear the AT command set for the HM10.
I don't know what happens exactly.

can i use servo MG90S ?

models for mg90s are uploaded.

Comments deleted.

Not all supports will generate in simplify3d.

Those demo we did using Cura for slicing. It is very good slicer, highly recommend you use it.

Is it possible to use ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 in order to have an "auto/collission avoidance" mode? I see there is some room for the "eyes"

yes, attached is the holder for replace the eyes, uncomment the code at line 12 which will enable to use hc-sr04 ultrasonic sensor while walking, it use A4, A5 for trigger and echo pins repetitively(see the robot code).

Instead of a HUADUINO board, can i use a normal arduino uno and a servo controller?

program will run without problem, but 3d models will not fit and you have to take care other electronic parts which are troublesome. likely it will cost you more. So it is not recommended.


Thanks for replying, i actually went and build your 12DOF Ez Arduino Spidey, i choose to use the arduino and servo controller PCA9685 is because i had them laying around instead to go and get a HUADUINO board.

to avoid confusion i will post this at your 12DOF Ez Arduino Spidey page as well.


Very cool design.
I have ordered the needed board and servos.
Two questions.
Does the battery need to have built in protection circuit?
The android app when opened shows a message in Chinese with a word to click then closes.
Is there an alternative?
I have tried a Nexus 5 and a Le eco pro 3 phone, both just close the app.

We use the 18650 battery with no protection circuit. We're not the developer of both ios app and android app, hardly to give you any clues. The developer contact is found in the google play [email protected], I guess you may send the Chinese message to him for assistance.

Thanks for the quick reply, here and on instructables.
I will contact the developer.

Did you try turn on the developer mode? Our android devices have this setting on.

Yeah, I have developer mode enabled on both phones.
The app developer also has an app called playBLE.
I can get that app to open, do you know if it is compatible with the minikame mk2 code?

"playBLE" is the android app we're referring to. Oh! you were using the wrong app.

Oh, the android link was pointing to the HKU robot app, now it shows the playBLE.
Glad it was that, and all is good now.
Thanks for the help, and sharing this robot.