Eclipse RGB LED Wall Lamp with Wi-Fi

by jasoncoon Apr 22, 2018
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This is cool love the idea. Thank you for sharing

Thank you! If you make one, please post a make, I'd love to see it!

As cool as it is, one question though.
For what the level shifter? Couldn't i just connect the stripe Data pin directly to the D4 pin? I mean if the Powersupply is strong enough, an arduino also works just fine with those LED Stripes.
Sorry if i'm wrong im not THAT good at electronics.

Some Arduino, AVR, Atmega boards have 5V logic, but most modern dev boards (including the ESP8266) output 3.3V logic level on the data pins. Most addressable RGB LEDS (including WS2812, NeoPixels, APA102, DotStars, etc) require 5V logic level input. It can work without a level shifter, until it doesn't. Then you might start seeing strange behavior like flickering, incorrect colors, etc. This can especially be an issue when the data line between the dev board and the LEDs is more than a few feet, or you're driving a large number of LEDs, etc.

Here's more information from Adafruit, although I do not recommend using their 8-channel bi-directional logic level converter, as it has been proven to be too slow and very problematic for driving LEDs: https://learn.adafruit.com/neopixel-levelshifter/shifting-levels

Here's a great overview of test results from various level shifters (spoiler: the 74HCT245 is the clear winner): https://happyinmotion.com/?p=1247

Thanks for the information, didn't know that. I guess i'll still give it a try and tell how it works and also if the problems appear. I'll try this with the NodeMCU.

This is awesome, seriously, Thank You, for sharing.

Thank you! If you make one, I'd love to see it!