Nintendo Switch Comfort Grip

by venegade Apr 23, 2018
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It takes 8 hours, is there someone than can make a Gcode that takes less time. I have the pinter in my room and i don't have tme to print it in the morning, so i have to print when i get back home and at that hour i can't print it because i can't sleep with the noise of the printer.

Thanks a lot

You could try printing with less infill and increase the layer height. It wouldn't be as strong but that might be the only ways you could reduce the time. It's a detailed model and takes lots of movement. Goodluck

Thanks a lot, but I'm still afraid the joy con doesn't fit well in the sliding part because of the layer height. Well, I'm gonna try, who knows, maybe it works.

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Can you do one with Mario's face on it?

Thanks for this awesome design. I cleaned up the mesh a bit in blender (zero-area faces, holes, non-manifold, uneven surfaces, etc.) and made it symmetrical. I also offset the rail from the back by about 0.2 mm since my controllers would grind against the corner next to the rail (see picture), thereby ruining the nice surface of the controllers.

The modified version is attached in case anyone wants it. With this file, the controllers slide and click perfectly without any force, but still fit snugly. Printed with the attached Slic3r settings at extrusion multiplier 0.95 with PLA.

Good Job man! Yeah I'm by no means an expert at 3d modeling, so glad you helped streamline it, and glad you enjoyed the design!

I highly recommend posting this as a remix so people can find it in the search bar. Thanks a ton for this! My first one printed out far too tight without sanding and this will help a lot.

These feel so good in the hand!

Only thing missing would be to add light holes for the player number lights like some other grips have.

Awesome! And yeah I have thought about that, might be an idea for a future update lol.

do you think i could do this on my monoprice select mini

I am honestly not that familiar with the mini, but I do think it has a pretty small build area, so the grip will most likely not fit. You make be able to split it in half with you slicer and print it that way, but I have never tried myself.

any chance for source files on these? I want to add prisms/windows for the LED's

A blank template is in the file section for anyone to remix as they see fit.

I want to print this, but I am just wondering if I have to change any settings or rotate the model when I put it into Cura? the infill is on 20%, layer height 0.1, with support and no build adhensions.

I just don't want waste material and I am printing 2 at a time so i want the size to be right.

I honestly have never used Cura lol. Simplify 3d is my goto slicer. However besides supports I just drop the grips in like normal and don't rotate anymore. I used to rotate 45° which seemed to help, but that was before I dialed in my bed leveling.

I have never printed two at once, but if You can do it thats great! I also use 0.20 layer and think it comes out just fine. I only really 0.10 layer height when I print miniatures.

Ok, so say that I wanted to put in a custom design for My Hero Academia, but have absolutely no experience in 3D Printing design. Is it feasibly possible for me to do that with TinkerCAD and how? Also love the entire concept.

The process I normally go through for the logos and symbols is to create the design in vector format with Adobe Illustator, then save it as a .svg file format. You can then import the .svg file into Tinkercad, and scale it appropriately to fit it where you want it on the grip. Then it you simply subtract the design in Tinkercad and you will have a negative impression cut into the grip. Hope this explanation helped!

another easy trick i learned was find a black and white image of what you want and use an online png converter that will remove whatever color and make it transparent then you can use an online png to svg converter.

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............................................................................................... whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?

ok, YouTube, here i come, please help my soul. apparently there's a new language on earth and it's called Threedeeprintish.

but seriously, thanks for the basic guide, I'll be sure to follow up on that.

Follow up: I actually found a design for the BNHA logo on Thingiverse, so with some messing around I got it to sort of protrude out of the center and it looks really freaking awesome. I'll be sure to upload it here if it works.

Also, I did the test rail print and brought it home to test out on the joy-con, and sliding it in feels really tight. I really don't want to damage the rails on the Joy-Con (especially since i'm making this for someone else who doesn't have a printer), so is that just a thing with the test or could I increase the scale just enough to give it a little more room on the rail and still have the general shape look OK? And I DID sand it off a little on the rail a the bump that was left when it was finished printing, so i'm positive the rail on the print is a little too tight.

In an ideal situation you shouldn't have to sand. One of my last updates to the main page for the grip was about the rail test, and to check your extrusion multiplier. 0.90 is supposedly the magic number for PLA filament. I understand some people have to go higher depending on their printer and other conditions. I was fighting a clog myself yesterday and went up on my multiplier to combat it for a couple prints. Point is, check what your extrusion multiplier is set at in your slicer program and maybe try to lower it if seems high and reprint the test rail. Now for sanding, when I get home later this evening I will post a couple pictures of where to sand if needed, and some other areas to make sure are printed correctly what to do to correct if not.

Edit: Picture is uploaded. Hope it helps.

i shall try this. thanks!

EDIT: I decided to sand first to see if i absolutely HAD to print another, and after about 15 minutes, it was a LOT better. Thanks for all the help! Will definitely post my make here if it works.

the logos are nice. i like <3 :-)

I cannot even begin to describe how much better this feels than the stock grip! Also love the addition of the seams and screw holes for that authentic feel. Kudos!

Do you have the inverse of the Switch logo that could be printed and inserted into the holder for contrast?

Sorry been awhile since I logged in to respond to comments. I unfortunately do not have the inverse, however it shouln't be too hard to make if you want to design one yourself, or paint the recesses.

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Model prints well, but my controllers dont fit into it for some reason.

Would definitely try printing the test rail file and use a lower extrusion multiplier and see If that helps. That was my problem when I discovered they weren't fitting right one day.

Love the design, it works well! May I ask what program you used to make the model? I'm deciding between learning Blender or Fusion 360 and wondered if this was possible with Fusion 360.

I actually used Tinkercad for this design! It is pretty powerful for being a free online 3d design tool, and it is my goto software still. I have started learning Fusion 360 as well, as it is very popular in the 3d printing community. It is of course a little different style and took me some getting used to. I haven't used Blender much, but I know they have a huge community resource as well, so really you can't go wrong with any of these three software to choose from.

Sorry for late reply, but thanks! Tinkercard seems very user-friendly I'll have to check that out.

Nice, it would be sweet if they had a place to hold cards.

That is a good idea, might have to make a card holder one at some point!

how should i print them? in one soldid peice? does it need supports?

Woops! Sorry, thought I responded. I print them upright with supports under the grip. I included my simplify3d profile if you use that slicer. Don't put supports in the rails except for the very top notches. Shouldn't need supports anywhere else.

What is the v2_supports.spt file and how do I use it?
Is it for modeling or for slicing?

It is for slicing, specifically for Simplify3D. You load the stl file first then import those supports. You can also create your own supports if you like, the file is just the ones I personally use.

Oh I see, thank you!
I've only used two slicers, it's interesting to see what others offer.

I'm familiar with the Qidi-Tech Slicer and Cura. I'll have to check out Simplify3D. Hopefully IT will let me download it... (I use the Qidi tech X-One we have at work =P )

No problem! I know you have to pay for Simplify3d, not sure If they offer a 30 day trial or anything. It's the only one I've used lol. And props for using the work slicer! Lol

holy shit dude. thats just sick. :O #NeedToPrint

Is there a reason why this no longer shows up in a "Nintendo Switch" search anymore? I can't find it unless I go to my made things section.

That is strange. I haven't changed any of the tags as far as I remember, but I went back and added separate key words just now so maybe that will help. Thingiverse acts weird sometimes.

Doesn't seem to have fixed it. Neither of your grips show up even if you search the name exactly. Could just be Thingiverse acting weird yeah!

Yeah I had an issue the other day when none of my designs would show in my profile but would show up if I searched for them. Now it sounds backward lol. Definitely sounds like a website glitch. Thanks for the heads up though!

Can you upload one without a design on it for making custom designs?

No problem man. Should be up now.

It's great design and all, but may I ask--why not just use the stock grip? This is pretty similar to it anyway.

I was using the stock grip for most of the time. After printing these new grips I find them easier to hold for my big hands and feel more akin to an xbox 360 controller.

Holy hell this is magical! Fantastic job! I can't wait to get some of these printed out! I'll post some pics once they're done!

Thanks for such an awesome compliment :D I have a few more ideas for designs, so hopefully will continue to update as I come up with them.

You're welcome! I love these grips! I have the Horde and Switch logo ones printed right now. Gotta hit that Zelda one next! Have a few coats of primer on the Switch logo one drying right now. So far on both of those grips I have had to sand on the joycon rails. Any chance you could thin that out a very little bit? Printed one of those at .2 and the other at .15 and they are both too thick on those rails. And that rail is THIN so I don't know how much you can reduce it but. May just have to deal with the sanding. Either way. You get much kudos for this grip line! o7

Sweet man! For the rails I'm actually kind of scared to thin them more than I already have. I honestly don't have to sand mind when I print, however I know not everyone's printer prints exactly the same. The only other suggestion I have is lower your extrusion multiplier a small bit as see if that helps, but hopefully not so much you get under-extrusion. Otherwise I hate to say it but sanding might be your safest bet considering how thin they already are. I know my copy of Simply 3d actually shows only 2 thin lines.

Yeah you've got a point there. I took a look at the model and yeah it's just 2 lines so. If a little sanding is the most I have to do, then I'm good haha! I'll tinker with extrusion multipliers and see what that does to it. Thanks!!

where specifically did you sand? I'm having the same problem. it still fits, but I'm a little uncomfortable with the resistance i get back, don't want to damage the joy-con