Shishi Odoshi "Deer Scarer" Japanese Water Fountain - Fully Working

by jelson Apr 29, 2018
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Great design, going to start printing it now. How does the water supply line print without supports?

Thank you!

If you turn the water supply line upside-down (as in the STL I uploaded), most of the structure builds upwards, without the need for supports. The only exception is spanning the width of the tube itself for the span that goes horizontally - but that's only a span of about 8mm or so, with structure on both sides for support. At least on my printer (an i3 MK3) the plastic was easily suspended across the gap until it hardened.

looks modernistic , very squarish. not natural peaceful looking. would be great if you could do this.

This is true; I felt a little guilty making something out of sleek black plastic when the goal of gardens where such fountains are found are usually to bring you closer to nature. In some ways it seemed almost sacrilegious. But, it was a fun design challenge.

I dunno, I kind of like that aspect of it. I think this would be great in a small garden. Technology and nature working independently and together at the same time, seems very yin and yang.

I drilled a small hole in the PVC tube and inserted the water supply directly into the tube.
Very misterious because you don't see how the tube is filled and it is more quit and less messy on the desk.

That is very clever! I would love to see if you have photos of the modification working fully.

Nice design.
I think I am going to make this!!
Thanks for sharing.....

Thank you-- enjoy!

Could you make some similar thing but just like a fountain ?
That design is cool, kinda reminds me that game Monument Valley :)

This will definitely be a future project. PDX shoutout!

One of my favorite places to visit!

Looks really nice. Adding it to my list. But since I don't have any deer to scare away, a quieter version would be nice. :)

As for the people concerned with leaking, you can try painting the inside with something like Flex Seal (https://www.amazon.com/Flex-Seal-Rubber-Sealant-Coating/dp/B00CD9FGNW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1528771916&sr=8-5&keywords=flex+seal) and that should take care of any leaks.

I actually agree with you on the noise! Between that and the tiny splashes of water, I found it was impractical to leave the fountain running continuously on my desk. I designed a second variant that has a button on the front. When the button is pushed, the fountain runs for 60 seconds. That way it doesn't bother me on my desk but I can show it off to people who walk by.

In the next couple of days I'll upload the STL of the modified base and the Gerbers for the circuit board!

aka a tiny replica of the fountain in the final fight scene in Kill Bill vol I

i thought it wasnt water tight due to the layers

The plastic surface itself seems to be water-tight as long as the layers aren't too thin - in an early revision I did have a very thin wall that started to leak until I made it thicker. In the version I uploaded, the water leakage comes mainly from two places. First, the dynamic movement of the tube causes a few drops of water to splash out on each cycle. Second, if the holes where the tubes and pump enter the 3d-printed structures aren't well enough sealed with silicone sealant, they can leak. But water doesn't seem to leak through the 3d printed surface.

I can see it spill water all over the place lol

Haha, yeah, many of the revisions it went through were an attempt to keep the water contained. There are still a few drops that escape on each cycle - I am tinkering with adding a partial cap on the end of the tube to reduce splashing. It would probably also help to add friction to the hinge (e.g. wrapping the axle in a few layers of electrical tape) so the tube drops more slowly.

Love this, making it now!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!! Interested to see your build :)

the link to the pump doesn't work for me, whats the name of it?

Try copying the link text and pasting it into your browser's navigation bar rather than clicking on the link - Thingiverse mangles Amazon links for some reason. The name is "Bluewo Ultra-quiet Mini 4.8W DC12V Micro Brushless Water Oil Pump Submersible".

Looks cool - and the pump (12v DC) works ok with a 3.3v PSU?

Thanks! The label on the pump says it works "between 5v and 12v". Even at 5V it pumps water too quickly for my taste so I've been running it at 3V. Much below 3V, the motor stalls; it might be better to run it off a 5V supply and restrict the water flow by putting a zip-tie around the vinyl tube (or something similar).