Customizable Socket Tray

by driftfox Apr 23, 2018
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Is there a way for the text to be embossed instead of raised?

Actually looks like it does emboss now, for some reason mine where always coming out raised.
Getting errors after upgrading to 2019.05 version and using the new file. Same issue happens as described by philadkins

well, spoke too soon. Using the new file in version 2015.03 results in embossed text (great!) but it produces the file as non manifold. I can fix it in 3d builder but it takes some time. the file produces an stl that is grouped. if I ungroup it, rasie, select all the letters then raise them slightly, then do a subtract it will emboss it and then make a good stl file. Attaching the stl files.

Love this thing, use it all the time. Prefer the embossed look, prints so much cleaner.

After uploading the new .scad file, I went to test the download and realized there seems to be a problem. If you click "Download All Files" from the top of Thingiverse, it downloads a zip file with a version that is very old. However, if you go to the "Thing Files" section and download the .scad file that way, you'll be able to obtain the latest version.

I'm going to reach out to Thingiverse to see if this is a known issue and to see if there's anything I can do to fix that issue.

Noticed the same thing, even after clearing cache.

Hey homerstl, I was going to mention that the version you were using was an older version (1.1) and was about to suggest upgrading to 1.2.2... BUT..... this version only supported the text labels being raised off the block.

After reading your comment this morning I added a new option to toggle between engrave or emboss. Based on your feedback, I was able to make sure this feature works correctly in both OpenSCAD 2015 and OpenSCAD 2019. This new .scad file has been uploaded (you can see the version number at the top of the .scad file after downloading). Thanks a ton for the feedback!

Works perfectly! Now I need to go through and remake all of my holders. lol

Thanks again, this is the best thing I have found on here for tools.

This is not working for me. When I open it in OpenSCAD (version 2018.11.20.ci571 (git 9a3f3185)) I see a solid block with one partial socket cut out at the 0,0 position. Nothing I change has any effect on the model. The model renders into a stl in the same manner. This is exactly what I need if I can get it to work properly

Thank you for letting me know! I was using a version from 2015 and it worked then, but after updating to version 2019.05, I saw the exact same issue you described. I have refactored the code and it works correctly with version 2019.05 now. The .scad file has been uploaded. Please let me know if this fixes the problem for you, or if you have any other issues.

That fixed the issues, thank you for a very useful design.

This. Is. GOLD!!!!! Thank you very much. For anyone who has yet to customize it for your needs, give it a try, takes a lil work, but WELL worth the effort.

Hey thanks! I had an idea for exactly the way I'd like to arrange my sockets and so tried my hand at OpenSCAD. This is my first attempt and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. If you have an suggestions, I'm all ears! Thanks again.