Rear Vent to 4" Adapter for Anycubic Photon

by DocTanner Apr 25, 2018
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Thanks for this model, i recently printed it and am trying to install it.
I wanted to somehow keep the metal vent on with this part over top.
The factory vent screws are too short, would you happen to know what size screws these are? I might be able to find longer ones at a nearby store.


I don't, unfortunately. At a guess, I'd say they're probably M3. Maybe an M3x12 would work?

I'm thinking about buying a Photon printer and since I'm gonna use it in my apartment, I looked around for a solution for the smell.
And found this :)
Since I don't own a 3D printer to print this myself, I was thinking about visiting one of my local workshops to print it there.
Do you have a rough estimate how long this takes to print? Probably depends on the printer, but since I'm completely new to 3d printing I have no clue if it's gonna be more like a few minutes or a few hours.

It's been a long time since I've printed this. I think it was a couple hours, but I could be wrong. Whatever slicer you use should give you a decent estimate before you actually tie up a printer. And, if it's too long, then you can always consider ordering from something like Shapeways.

Thank you for answering so quickly!
Ok, that's probably too long for the shop.
But ordering it online was actually a great idea. I didn't expect this to be so easy here in good old europe ;)

Just wanted to let you know that I ordered it for ~20€ incl. shipping and it fits perfectly.
Thank you so much for providing the blueprint!

Glad to hear it!

Too bad it doesn't look like the photon S has a vent port on the back to hook this up to. They did add dual carbon filters but so far I haven't heard if anyone's said if they're actually useful or not

Yeah. And I don't have a Photon S to experiment with. Hopefully the onboard carbon filters are sufficient. If not, someone will need to find another alternative.

Of course, if I end up picking up a Photon S, I'll be sure test it myself and make a new version of this adapter if required.

I have printed once with my Photon S. My wife and kids were not too happy with the smell. So I am banned from printing until I come up with a solution. The dual carbon filters aren't that great (they failed to keep me out of trouble). I like your adapter but you are right. The new Photon S has a different back side. I have seen some have replaced the screen on top of the Photon S and made mounts with a PC fan, carbon filter and HEPA filter in combo. Perhaps you can modify your adapter for the top of the machine or the side of it? I really like the carbon filter and fan system you posted.

where is the outlet vent on the photon S? On the bottom? I've just ordered mine and was expecting this to fit.....

That's a shame. I had hoped they'd fixed that problem with the new model.

I'd definitely love to put out a new version of this adapter for the Photon S but I don't own one. So, until I feel the need to upgrade (which is unlikely any time soon) then I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. :(

Hi there, I just today received my Photon, and already seeing how valuable something like this could be, as the fumes are very strong. Thanks for making this!

You mention in the instructions using an appropriately sized FDM printer to print this. Can I use the photon itself? When I load the STL in the photon slicer software, it seems to be able to print it within the printable volume that the printer supports.

Hi there!

I'm fairly sure that it's way too big to fit on the Photon's build plate. I'd suggest double checking to make sure the slicer didn't automatically scale it down or anything. But, if I'm wrong and it DOES work, then let me know!

It seems like if I set the Y and Z rotation to 90 degrees, and leave the scale at 100%, it fits within the build plate bounds shown in the slicer. It results in dimensions of 55mm x 97mm x 129mm, does that sound right?

I'm guessing it will use a lot more resin than the minis I've been printing, so not sure if there would be enough resin left from what came with the photon. I might give it a try and report back when I get more resin.

Yea, I'm about to run this print on my Photon after I finish my current dice tower. If I'm done before you run it, I'll let you know how it goes.

I ended up chickening out and got someone with an FDM printer to print it for me.

In case you were wondering it does work, but I ran out of resin part way through. About somewhere in the 70-80% mark it ran out.

That's very cool! Good to know.

Hrm. That does sound reasonable. I never thought to check if it fits up on its side like that.

I'm curious to hear how it works out. That'd be very cool if it turns out to be self-printable. if it works for you, I'll experiment myself and make a .photon file available for download.

I did try this and it worked fine up until I ran out of resin. I have an attached photon file that worked fine until up around the 80% mark. I would just add a comment in the description to refill resin about halfway, and it should finish just fine (lot of supports at the beginning, so less resin needed later)

Sounds good. I'll probably not be trying for a week or so though, but will report back when I do.

Just attached (with fan and carbon filter) and will be running my first 'extractor' print later - thanks for this - just what was needed!

Just confirm, I do not have to modify any hardware? Just install this to a 4" hose and inline fan vent?

You'll need to unscrew the rear vent grill and replace it with this adapter. That's the only modification required. It's easily reversible if you later decide to switch back to the factory configuration.

Great idea, I just ordered the printer and will be using this adapter.

Very impressed by this, did not think it would work but in fact this design completely and efficiently solves the problem of noxious nauseating fumes emitted by the printer.

I coupled the adapter with this cheap kit from eBay (carbon filter + fan), which contains everything you need:


Previously I could not stay in the same room as printer without immediately getting sick, but with this solution in place there is just no smell whatsoever (as long as the printer doors are closed, of course)

Thank you very much!

Glad it worked so well for you!

Thanks for the link, as well.

Hello, I plan on purchasing this printer and after reading the reviews it's got a harsh smell, so I'm glad I found this. Wondering if you could supply us with a link to the fan you are currently using with this?
I'm planning on building a desk right next to my bedroom window and running the fumes outside. Would just this rear exhaust be enough to avoid stinking up my room? Also does the setup process (filling the resin, cleaning, etc.) give you a smell?
Thanks for your help.

Hi there!

Links to all the hardware I used, including the fan, are on the Thing Details page. Note that the fan I chose is probably a bit on the overkill side and I rarely have it running more than about half power. So you might be able to save some money with a lower CFM fan. (Your mileage may vary, of course.)

I've found that running it through a decent charcoal filter is sufficient to completely eliminate the fumes. You'd likely get similar results by sending it outside, but your neighbors would likely be none too pleased. Plus, there's a decent chance that the fumes will just come right back in the window if you don't have positive pressure in your room. So, I recommend a charcoal filter regardless. (Though, again, the one linked may be overkill.)

There's definitely a smell any time you've got the printer open or are working with the resin. So the whole setup and finishing processes have a bit of stink to them. But it's quite mild. (I've got my printers in a small closet and it's never unpleasant to work with them.) Where it gets bad is when it's running for hours, pumping fumes into an enclosed space. That's pretty awful. Hence this design. :)

Best of luck to you!

The fan on the bottom of my Photon sucks the fumes out. The back grill is just a passive intake. I wish that wasn't the case, and this would work.

There are two fans that come in the Photon originally. The extractor fan ( mounted to the underside of the build chamber, which pulls fumes out of the build chamber and into the electronics area) and the cooling fan for the electronics. Neither of these should be blowing air out of the bottom specifically. The extractor fan creates positive pressure in bottom part of the printer, so the fumes go out both the bottom and the back.

This adapter allows you to hook up a duct with an inline fan so you can suck it all out the back. The bottom vent will become an intake and all the fumes will go out the duct.

I'm keen to have this in place. You're actively using it successfully, are you? Does it make a significant difference?

I've been using this since April. The printer lives in a really small closet with my FDM printers and, even in that enclosed space, there's absolutely no smell what-so-ever. In fact, I'd say the biggest problem with it is that I sometimes forget that I have resin still in the printer when it's not in use.

I suspect the important part is getting a good filter, but I don't have anything to compare it against. I've got my inline fan at about 30% power, so that model was definitely overkill.

OK, thank you for that. It's very helpful. I have printed this in readiness, albeit I've bought a cheap extractor kit to use with it.