Creality Ender-3 Display Ribbon Cable Clip

by gn-jr Apr 26, 2018
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printed pretty damned well on my ender 3 pro - for a total noob to 3d printing this was a great start :) printed it on its side of course - that much to me was obviously the best way

Printed 4 pieces within one printjob. Worked fine und der fitting perfectly on my ender 3 pro.

Thank you so much. I printed it and it clips perfectly. As the other recommended it is better to print it horizontally.

I tried printing this cable clip and got the attached result twice. I did lay it on its side as the previous post recommended.
Newbie Alert; this is my first 3d print.
I had the bed set at 60, the hot end at 200 and using PLA.
Too hot? I have not altered the speed settings from the factory.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hard to tell because the picture is a bit blurry, but it looks like it could be one of a number of different things. Could be a bad bed level. Try re-leveling your bed. Don't print with a raft unless you absolutely have to.

-Try slowing down to roughly 50mm/s or so.
-Consider printing 2 or 3 clips at a time. In the past, I've had issues where if my nozzle stays on one small part or one particular small area for too long, then the plastic tends to warp around it, yielding ugly results. The best way to stop this is to print multiple copies of the object you're printing, so the nozzle at one point has to move away and the filament can really cool.

Just a few ideas to try.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did get it to print adequately. It's been a couple weeks but I think I eliminated the raft and slowed it down a bit. They weren't perfect, like the image on Thingiverse, but they are functional and fit well.

Need to lay on side to print, but then prints without supports.
these fit tightly and hold the cables very well. I even used these for the power cables on the backside of the machine.

lay these on their side, right click to multiply. they didn't print as they are shown in blue on the site.

Good Job. Nice Upgrade for my Ender 3 pro. Fast Print, good fit +++++

What is the best way to print this on the back or on the 2 legs?

I printed it sideway, on 2 legs so you don't need any support..

One of the best designs out there when it comes to clips for the best printer of 2018!

Printed on its back worked fine for me :)

That made the clips snap right off for me. Am going to put them on the side, maybe lift the temp a bit.

It works very well. I´ve just changed the position of piece on the bed prior to print better.

Just made it works well. Not enough pla to finish the print will try more.

It looks like one of the sides is slightly angled. Please see the attached image for how it looks in Cura. If you rotate it with that side down, Cura will create a weird slicing but with that side up it seems ok.

To install, I hooked one side over the top, alighted the cable in the clip, and pressed in the bottom.

Exelent : Disse kom virkelig til nytte. Lett og skrive ut og solide. Takk.

Perfect ... looks like part of the install ... thank you

I printed a set of 4 on their backs at 0.2 layer height and when I went to install one, it separated at one of the corners. That's what makes me think that it should be printed as shown / upright, which means it will need supports.

if you turn it 90 degrees from what the picture shows it will print stronger

I did the same as you.
However, I tried making supports, but they were too big.
I just need learn how to use CURA.

Print on it's side and it will work flawless.No supports and strong.

So obvious, but I had been scratching my head. lol
Not new to CAD, but new to CURA and slicing.
Thank you.