Pentagonal Hexacontahedron Bracelet

by mathgrrl Apr 3, 2014
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I use an Anycubic i3 printer and got a lot good results. But trying to print this bracelet, was totally impossible. All layer were printed direct over each other. I have attached the print result. Does anybody have a glue, what could be the reason ? It would help me, to understand a bit more about 3D printing.

Looks like your model is printing with supports, and that is correct for this model. Once it's done printing you remove the supports and the model remains. (Or if I misunderstood your question/image please let me know!)

Thanks for your response. But have used support with the printing. I'm using Cura 3.2.1 right now, and it is special recommend for the printer. Maybe, after getting more experiance, I will find were the problem is. I'm pretty new and I just started 2 weeks ago to do something with 3D. Thanks again.

Good luck with your new 3D work! Just to be clear, from your picture it looks like your print is coming out correctly, with support added. However it stopped midway up. If you can get the print to finish then after it is done you can tear off the supports and the bracelet will be there. It's not easy to clean up but it can be done with some patience and good clippers/tools

Cool design, could you upload a version with a flat bottom? I couldn't print it without support due to the bottom not being flat and it takes forever to clean up the supported surfaces.

hi there,

I made a "Remix" increased the wall thickness.
Would it be ok, if i uploaded it as a Re-Mix?

Of course! That would be great. The model is listed under the Creative Commons "Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike" license, which means that even without asking you are free to remix -- as long as you attribute (tag it as a remix of the original), do so non-commercially (don't try to sell it or use it to promote selling things), and use the same type of license (that's the "share alike" part). Thanks for asking anyway though; that was very nice of you. btw I like your thicker version, it looks sturdy as heck. :)

Supports? I tried printing it with them and the cleanup effort is... It will never be done.

It would be easier to print if the base (first layer) was aligned horizontaly, so the adhesion could make its magic :)

It would be easier to print if the base (first layer) was aligned horizontaly, so the adhesion could make its magic :)

Can you please also upload version that is not closed ring.

(About to make for the wifey lol)

That's amazing. You're one of my favorite follows :) keep it up!