Ikea Lampan Hack

by VanAllesWatOntwerp Apr 3, 2014
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Hi, what is the generell wall thickness of these lampshades?

Hi Alexanderswo, we use a wall thickness of 0.8mm for the lampshades. We use an (old) nozzle that is drilled out at 0.8 in order to speed up the process of printing, it works like a charm!

Do I get it right that you have to print it upside down so the top can be filled in? And does the bottom has to be completely empty for the lamp to be able to be inserted? Or is ti just a small hole you need?

Hi, we like to print these out without a top or bottom fill, that way, the heat that the bulb produces can escape easily and won't affect the PLA. If you don't like an empty top, you will need to flip the .stl over and print it upside down, I would recommend using ABS to prevent the heat of the lamp deforming your 3D print.

I'm thinking about printing with PLA so it will be without the top. Thanks for the info ;-)

Any chance you could share the scripts behind this? Also, would they be compatible with a touch screen/digitizer? I have been looking for something like this to share with students during a demonstration on 3D printing and 3D design.

How did you transfer their designs? I think that is pretty cool.

Hi Sablebadger, we are using Blender and Processing with custom scripts. A webcam image is feeded into Blender, on a screen the 3D model is updated every second or so. You can actually see the pencil that you use to draw on the lampshade. :P