by max7th May 1, 2018
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Can you make the arms closer to the body? this way i can print more than one on my bed.

Thanks for your good work

ok I will change arms and upload here in 6hours. :)

printed in PLA 0.1 – all joints are too loose! it can't stand, can only hang

some people said "joints were frozen", and you said " too loose". how am I gonna do?

Finished printing and like someone else was mentioning, the shoulder joint was way too loose. Does not hold a pose but not loose enough to fall out of place. "Rattly" is how I would describe it.

Anyone remixed this one?

Da Vinci Pro 1.0, painters tape on stock build plate, Hatchbox orange PLA, 0.2 layer height, 185 deg extruder, no heated bed

With the XYZ da vinci pro 1.0 I got the "0040" error as I sent it to print. Removed the back cover and replaced the microSD (after copying all the files over) with a 8GB brand name card and it has started printing. The original microSD in mine was a 4GB ADATA card.

Worth noting, just in case anyone else has the same issue.

Very nice part, but unfortunately I can not move the ankles. The simply stuck.

Anyone tried a smaller scale? Wanted to print this but have to scale down to 80% for my printer

Printed this in ABS on my prusa MK3; frigging brilliant job man; I almost ghasped when I slid it off the build plate and stood him up on his feet and he balanced. The gaps between parts in my first build were a little bit large, so it was hjard to get him to stay rigid once posed, so printing again with tweaked settings and PLA. Thanks so much for this excellent model. It's (as mentioned before) basically totally out of control rad. Cheers!

This did not print well for me. At 0.2 the joints were frozen and I ended up breaking off limbs trying to free them up. Made two prints that failed.

500 th like and 600th collect! I think I put in wrong collection, will fix

I wasn't so lucky. 0.4 noz @ 0.2 layer, but most of the joints froze and broke. Maybe just a poor PLA. I'll try again with a better PLA. Maybe 0.1 layer? What rez is everyone having success with?

I printed good when set 0.2mm layer. set to flow down 1.0(100%>) or make scale bigger.

Comments deleted.

I printed on my wanhao i3 plus without any supports, and halfway through, it came off my printer bed and created a glob. I retried with a brim, and touching buildplate, and it came out PERFECT. I'm new to 3d printing, and maybe I had something off. Also, I must note, that first failed print I did without blue tape. The perfect one was printed after I applied the tape, so it may not even need the brim. And I must say, I LOVE this design. I will post pictures soon.


The STICK is output to a 3D printer. Design is really good. Please continue to share many designs.

I think that the joint between shoulder and arm is too loose else it is a very nice design.

Yeh, this one is especially loose. However on mine, which looks perfect, almost all of the joints except the head are too loose.
I printed with a 0.2mm layer height, and 20% infill.

I really like the design, just wish the joints were a bit tighter so he could stand up more easily.

Great design and print

May 1, 2018 give me good things! Thanks!