Surprise Egg #6 - Tiny Jet Fighter

by agepbiz, published

Surprise Egg #6 - Tiny Jet Fighter by agepbiz May 1, 2018


Stresstest your 3D Printer by printing this tiny collectable stocking stuffer.

Both the jet fighter and the egg was each designed to be printed in place without any support structures. The jet fighter have variable-sweep wings. The egg is hinged.

'Making of' video:

Surprise Egg #1 - Tiny Haul Truck:

Surprise Egg #2 - Tiny Fork Lift:

Surprise Egg #3 - Tiny Wheel Loader:

Surprise Egg #4 - Tiny Excavator:

Surprise Egg #5 - Tiny Fire Truck:

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I have also uploaded upscaled versions with updated tolerance for those who wants to print the airplane bigger. Keep in mind since this model was designed to be tiny there is no profile on the wings

Best regards

Not for children under 3 yrs.

*edit 05.11.18
fixed some issues with the egg mesh

Print Settings

Printer Brand:












0,4mm nozzle
Print the jet fighter with 3 shells


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You should do an attack helicopter next. And then a tank. Then I'll go print a couple hundred of them and have a mini battlefield to play with.

On the construction side of things, you still need to do a mobile crane and a cement mixer. After that we can call it good. Of course you could continue on and do things like the Unimog and the Arocs, and then dabble around with making a cherrypicker and whatever those big flat lifting things they around WalMart and Home Depot are called. Then you could have a "master collection" to show your friends.

This is my new benchy. Will need a carrier for them.

Love your collection. My kids do as well!

I printed on a FF Creator Pro. Used about 92-94% extrusion multiplier. I also printed these bigger at 163% and at 200% scale, each time increasing the extrusion multiplier, eventually to 100%. I had some fused wings when my extrusion was too high for this design.

Thank you for the time you put into this work. Cheers!

These are awesome!! I always look forward to your new "surprise eggs"

Thank you very much!

Your "surprise egg" designs are truly amazing. Huge congrats!!

what sofware u used to create the negative on the egg

Solidworks can easily subtract the solids.

Yeah 3ds do have compound objects to do that as well, but the negatives are not just a clean negative. The shapes have been expanded and simplified a lot. So they do require manually editing

I make these with 3ds Max. They are made using polymodelling, and the negative is partial manually modelled

Thanks for the great design on this egg and plane. I have a Prusa MK3. I use Slic3r PE to slice all my files. When slicing the egg I see a couple of missing layers. I attached a picture. Any idea what's happening here?

Strange. I dont use Slic3r so I am unable to test. It looks fine in Simplify3D. At what resolution did you slice it? Have you tried 0,1mm? Somehow this looks like just an preview issue

Thanks for the reply. I didn't notice until I did the actual print. I printed the egg at .2mm layer height. Definitely not just in the preview, the separation is there in the final print. I'm not familiar with S3d yet. I'm going to slice this using Cura and see what happens.

I have uploaded an updated egg. Please let me know if you have the chance to test it, preferably using Slic3r PE to see if the problem is gone

I was also experiencing a missing layer on the egg in Slic3r PE and your new upload fixed mine as well. Thanks for doing that. I've had someone tell me one of the models I made had a missing layer in Simplify3d.. would you mind telling me what you changed so I might be able to fix my model as well? Much appreciated.

For me it was just overlapping faces and a few vertices that would not weld because of that in the mesh. It was very hard to discover if it was not for the screenshot of the missing layer. But basically it was a sloppy mistake when I made the model

Thanks for the info. I made this jet and it turned out great; I'll try looking for overlaps in my model as well. Keep up the great work! If you're looking for ideas I would try making a lull, steam roller, road working equipment or some form of ship next. Cheers!

No problem. Cool, I would love it if you uploaded the make as a "I made one", that would help me a lot and it is always super fun to see other peoples makes. Steam Roller has been in the back of my head, but so far I have not yet solved how to make it print in place

Thank you for checking into this issue. I will check the new file tonight, in Slic3r, and let you know.

Ok, the new file looks right great in Slic3r. Thanks for fixing this.

Good! Thank you for the feedback!

Hmm, I do see some issues with the mesh around there, not sure if that is what is causing the missing layers though. I'll look into it and upload a new version of the egg asap. Thanks!

I LOVE THESE EGGS!!! I have printed all of them multiple times, and love them! Can you do a timelapse of you making the next egg? If you don't have a screen recorder, try Ezvid.

Thank you :) I would love to see the makes, please upload more of them photos! :D
I think a timelapse would be very messy to look at, I work very on and off on my projects due to my young kids and the timespan of the prosjects. I did make a timelapse of the megaphone I recently made, but I only recorded the basemesh modelling, which is just 5% of the modelling. All the internal modelling an tweaking is a bit hard and boring to capture :) But I'll keep it in the back of my mind, and might try to record something sometime

Here is the megaphone video with timelapse:

I printed the 200% version and it came out quite well. The jet's wings won't open completely, but they only do that for landing and takeoff anyway, so I'm not complaining. For both prints I used 0.100 mm layer height and 0.200 extrusion width, even though my printer has a 0.400 mm nozzle. The egg printed in 13 1/4 hours and the plane in 1 1/5 hours.

An interesting tidbit about this plane (the real one) is that the lever that controls the wing sweep moves forward to open the wings, and back to sweep them. Many pilots thought this was backwards, since they move the throttle control forward to go fast and back to go slow.

How well does the plane itself scale?

I have included upscaled versions of the plane. 200% and 300% where I have adjusted the tolerance a bit to make it less wobbly

By the way and a bit off topic: any tips for improving the tolerance when modeling?
I'm trying to model an air powered piston and either the movment rails and rubber band are too tight or they are too loose..
Using Fusion 360
Thanks :)

I use 3ds Max and do polymodelling. The tolerance is a hard nut because so many factors come into play. It really depends on what kind of articulated part you are making, what printer you use and slicing settings, feed rate and such, ambient temperature, temperature of the filament and the quality of filament. I try to keep the tolerance at 0,25mm or higher. But it doesnt matter what the tolerance is if the print quality is bad

awesome i'll printing all these out soon. One request if you do request. Thomas the train. I see you already have a model that would be cool.

Printed the jet at twice the size and came out great :D
My sister want one too with iron filled PLA.
In the weekend I plan to print the egg at twice the size

Awesome! Any chance you could uploade a few photos as a make? It would be fun to see the makes :)

i will when i print more :)

nice one again.
when i have print time availible i will print it :-) (printer is 24/7 at the moment).

Maybe for a new design a Tank with moving barrel and turrent

Thanks! Yeah a tank is definately on my to-do list. Not sure what to do with the belts though.. It would be a shame if they where static, but then again there is no way to make something like that print-in-place at such a small scale as I can think of

Also for some reason printing the smallest plane result in the left wing fusing with the tail..
I reduced the flow rate to 95% and have set a good retraction + Z hop.
How can I fix that?

Hard to tell. Can you upload a photo of the faild print here? We might spot the issue. If you struggle with parts getting fused and therefore wants to print the bigger planes you might want to choose the small one and upscale it yourself. The bigger ones I have added have some tolerance adjustments done to them so they might also fuse

It might be a bit hard to see in this picture..
Will try to scale up the smallest jet to twice the size and print it again.
I hope the eggs scale too

the egg scale up?
if i print it at 300% then the biggest plane will fit inside?

Personally I think 300% is a bit to big. Since this model was designed to be printed tiny the wings do not have any profile. This becomes very apparent at 300%. 200% look better imo

It should, but I have not tested it myself

I just finished the 300 plane - going to do a 300 egg - will post when its all done

Here is the 300 jet and egg and compared to the original. The egg suffered a bit from the massive up scaling but that's expected. Still came up sensational.

Wonderful! I love the colors! Can you also upload these as a "make" so they are seen better? That will help me a lot

Hi, printed the jet, and it looks great, but the wings are fused into place. Any ideas?

Your printer might be over extruding. Try lowering the feedrate. I use Simplify3D and in S3D this setting is called "Extrusion Multiplier"

super impressed by this latest edition, well done.

This is going straight to the printer :)

have u tried filling it with gallium metal?

Haha, that would be fun. Although the shape in the egg is less detailed that the plane itself