Sean Fields Tank Trooper (Split to fit 200x200mm build plate)

by beerman_uk May 4, 2018
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I need some help. I’m trying to print the inner and outer chin pieces in Simplfy 3D but they keep failing.. They have curves and there isn't a flat spot large enough that will let a stable platform to build from. I've tried 3 different times and they all failed using rafts and supports in various configurations. I’m using a Ender 3 Pro. Can anyone help with me with this print?

Ah yeah they were a bit tricky. Attached is how I printed mine.

What kind of support is that? Is it custom? Or did you manually add normal ones?

It's whatever it generates based on these settings.

new to the 3d world. So will the download files have all the support and print settings on them, or do I load them into the software delivered with the printer to modify ???


Unfortunately it's not that easy. They will come as they show in the preview pictures. It's up to you to work out the best orientation, what setting to use and where you want supports, etc. Every printer is different so having supports up to a 70 degree angle might work on one printer and not others. It's frustrating when a print fails after 8 hours but you will learn not to do it that way and try another way next time. It's all part of a larger learning process.

Ah.. we can but hope :-)
Thanks for the reply, i thought as much. Looks like I have some fun days ahead of me!

Me again.... so some long time later I have my parts all printed. As you stated there were some teething issues with orientation, but we got there in the end. So onto the scary part (given the time taken printing)
I am at the stage were the brim is all glues and I am about to attach the face and cheeks.
The diags show the cheeks attaching to the face first, then that whole unit to the brim.
There doesn't seem to be a locating tab for the cheeks on the face - so I am worried about placement

My question is this :
Should I glue to the cheeks to the brim first.
then the face to the whole unit.
Or will that present me issues ?

This is the bit that I struggled with and was just as nervous as you about. If you feel along the edge of the cheeks and the edge it is connecting to there is a slight curved ridge that lines up with each other. I just lined these up and hoped for the best which worked out quite well. I did do plenty of "practice" fits with a friend as a third hand until I was happy with the method before the glue came out.

I think if you do it the way you are suggesting it might be harder to put the face in. Not saying it won't work but I followed the assembly diagrams. Good luck and make sure you post a make when you are done :D

cheers... i think the 3rd hand is a good idea... once I have one (the misses comes home) i will give it a try.
thanks again - good to have a 2nd opinion.

Ok so I glued it all up - went with the cheeks fist then the face as it wasn't worth the argument with the missus about who was holding what piece wrong :-)
Put a few coats of filler primer on it and had a few sanding passes - but it looks terrible at present. I seem to have highlighted a load of printing lines that i couldn't see before. No matter how much filler / primer I use I don't seem to be making headway.
Did you have this issue - from your pics the helmet looks really smooth after primer.

I try to sand all the bits individually before gluing as it's harder once it's together. It looks like you may have a bit of wobble on your z axis or some extrusion issues (or both). It still looks salvageable. For that I'd try covering it in wood filler (it's easier to work with than body filler as you get more work time and is easily watered down to get a thinner coverage). Just cover the whole thing and start sanding. I only use filler primer once it's in smooth state just to get it one colour and show the major faults. Printing and gluing is the easy bit. Sanding is the bit that takes forever :D Start with a 120grit to get most of the layer lines, move up to 240, then 400 and then filler primer again.

wood filler! its the stuff of legends, much more work time. all done finally. i think it looks great, had lots of people asking where I bought it!
cheers for all your help /advice
Much appreciated!

are you aware if this will pass 501st approval as film accurate?

No I don't think this one will. Sean Fields shoretrooper is 501st approved but not sure about this one of his.

What did you make the visor from?

3mm acrylic. I had already heated it and bent it into shape for my shoretrooper helmet. I used a different visor in the shoretrooper so this was ready to go pretty much. I had to chop the corners off and it was a perfect fit.

does it fit your head, or you have to scale it up?

it fits my head and I printed as it is.