18650 Battery Charger - Micro USB with integrated spring holder

by andjoe May 5, 2018
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beautiful & useful!
I just post my make!
Thank You!

Thank you and you're welcome. I hope it serves you well.

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Any change you can share your Fusion 360 design?

.f3d archive file attached in 'Thing Files' - It ain't pretty! :D

hmm... Once I've made the same mistake - full isulated unit for this integrated charger. Result was that it just melt the unit (it was printed in PLA).

Actually - TP4056 chip may be really hot, especially when you place very discharged battery inside (imagine - if the current set to 1A, discharged battery has 2.8V, USB power has 5V - then, 2.2V*1A = 2.2W has to be dissipated on the chip. So, either don't cover it at all, either provide good window for cooling!

(that is not the problem if you put semi-charged battery where not so much power dissipation necessary. Or if you use kind of 'poor' source which provide not 5V, but essentially less)

Heat dissipation is a good point - there is always the option to leave the lid off the design.

Having a large cooling vent will just mean the lid is fairly pointless.

As I pointed out to WarHawk8080 - the design isn't actually mine, it's remixed from two other designs - and I made no provision to clamp the charging board inside (in fact, the board is free to rattle unless held in place with either friction from the holder sides, or possibly a foam block on the lid.

I guess you could try squeezing a heatsink on top of the IC if you were concerned, attaching it with double sided adhesive foam and adding a hole in the lid to poke it thru - it's up to you.

P.S. Discharging a LiPo battery below 3.0V is NOT recommended, 2.8V is likely to damage the cell!


Oh man..Just need a tweak and make this a full length slider charger
But such and AWESOME design!!! Especially for those 18650's that have protection circuits and are a bit longer than regular ones

Thanks, glad you like it! Kudos certainly goes to https://www.thingiverse.com/YXC for the sprung version I remixed from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2847497

N in 1 18650 TP4056 Charger
by YXC