USB Cable Organizer

by Kanata May 4, 2018
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Hi frizzman08
You need to print 2 clamp screws. They are included in the Thing Files. The file name is Clamp_Screw_v12.stl

Yes thank you, I found them after I sent you the initial message, thank you, you have created a nice product, I am new to 3D printing and think this is great

Great cable organizer, thank you. What size screw and where to get the screws to secure to the table? or is there PLA screw project on here that I can print?

Hi hsolo30k

Sure I will Make one up for you.
How thick is your table?

Awesome, thanks.
It is 38 MM

Hi hsolo30k
I added a 40 mm Standard Cable Holder.
That will give you 2 mm clearance for your table.
Please post a picture if you print it.

Would it be possible to get one in the standard size, but with only 2 cable holders (and only 1 screw hole)?

I'm glad it worked out for you.


Hi SunshineBob,

I added a 97mm version for you, This will give you 2 mm clearance, and the standard clamp screw should work for what you need.

Kanata you are the real MVP! Thanks for the fast help, it fits perfectly.

Hi Kanata,
your design looks really great, and my wife asked me to print one for her desk. But thats a desk with a thick frame under the plate, which makes the table 95 mm thick where we would like to add your Organizer. Your 147 mm version would work, but your longest screw is not long enough. Could you help us?

It fits great, thanks for the customization! Finally, order on the desk!

Thanks for taking the time to respond, and with a hint too!

Great design, but just to let you know that I printed mine in PLA. The bit that sits on top of the table broke within a few days!

I'm new to 3D printing, but I guess I should try ABS. My first go!

Hi ninyule

I have printed this design with PETG, and I have had no problem.
I recommend that you check any of the temperature calibration prints on Thingverse, and use them to calibrate the temperature for your printer using all of the different types of filaments.

Good luck

Hi Kanata,

I've made one of these (22mm model) , but i found that thicker cables wont fit (like usb3 cable that are supplied with nintendo periphals). These cables are approx. 0.46cm.

Hi jabberwocked
I added a 22 mm version with wider slots for you.
Let me know if this works for you

with the wider slots it fits high grade usb-3 cables as well as the smaller ones now

Hi Kanata,

Thank you very super much! It's going to the printer right now. Will post you the result (but i'm guessing it will be fine) :) You made my day!

Could you please make a 25mm version?

Hi BlueFish44

There is a version 26 mm standard cable holder that will work for your 25 mm table.


Let me know if you have any problem with this.


I like this design but it could be better, the model is too thick. There is no need for a screw as you could just make the bottom part aim upwards.

Hi Kanata!
Your organizer is awesome! I'd like to use your organazier at the back of my shelf. Unfortunately I can't because the plate for the screws is in my way. instead of the screws I'd want to fix it with some double-sided adhesive tape.
So could you maybe make a version without the plate at the bottom?

I uploaded a no bottom version that measures 25 mm at the back.

Let me know if this is acceptable and post a picture when you mount it. I am curious to see how it works

I have to wait untill I can print it on Thursday at school, but as soon as ist is done, I'll upload a picture!

Hi Moehri,

That will be no problem.

How thick is your shelf?

The Ikea Lack tables are 50.5 mm thick. Any chance for one that will fit? Or, possibly post the source files... ;)

Hi remailednet

I added a 52 mm version.

52 mm is a really thick table, but this version should work for you.
The clamp screw V12 should work with this version.
Please post some photos if you make this, I am very curious how this bigger version will work.

My callipers say my desk is 28mm. Any chance for another custom main body? The longer screws would work but a custom body would fit better. I ended up just shaving 2mm off the bottom lip in Tinkercad. I lost the chamfered edge but at least its the bottom lip that's not visible.

Hi insultcomicdog

I added a 30 mm inside dimension version. This will give you 2 mm of clearance.
Let me know if you have any problems. It is easy to modify for whatever dimension you need.

hi.Is designed for 30mm ?thanks

Hi Alonso
Yes this will work for a 30 mm table.
You need to use the longer clamp screw.


dear, my table is 25mm,can you design a longer screw?thanks!

Hi Harry3
I added a longer clamp screw that will fit your table.
I can also design a main body that will fit your 25mm table. This would be much stronger than a longer screw. Let me know if you would like me to do this.

thank you very much, the longer screw is quite fit my desk, thanks again!

this will come in handy.

Thanks Clay.
Please post a picture if you make one. I would like to see how it turns out.

i will when i make it, but my 3d printer is down until my new hotend comes in