Moe's low poly

by Dakanzla May 14, 2018
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Respect on the details of design and printing. i just got my first dual printing, but im far from printing this design. If it was ever up for sale i would spend money on it for sure.

Dude! Well done - love the detail - that's an awesome amount of time and effort!

What's the name of the files for the 4 transparents squares at the base of the game?
It's an incredible projet. I'm a teacher and I planned to do a Monopoly game challenge with my students in high school. Your projet is the best one!!

They are files for the lasercutter. Easiest to open in incscape

Hy, which ones do you mean? The one from the board with the drawings? If its from the board you gona find the link to it in the desription :)

They are not that expensive, go for it ;) the palette 2 can be added to every singlecolo printer to make colored prints, you dont have to get a new printer for this :)

Makes me want to buy a multi-colour printer just to make this.

Dakanzla, great work again, still finishing seafearers, but this project will be next. Love the detail you put in it!

That is fucking awesome! Beautiful work!

Looks amazing and it's so much work, but in the end it's still just to play Monopoly...

True but at least it is now possible to add new content and make the game more variable I hope :)

Great Job!
Did you have muti color printer?

Thx :) the pictures you see are multicolor and made with the prusa mk2 multimaterial upgrade. But the files for single color printers are also available and I printed those as well.

how long did it take for u to make this and print it and buld it together?

It took me about a month of printing, cleaning and assembling the parts. It's no a fast project but a lot of fun :). Designing everything is an other story, that took several month.

Man this is amazing! I love how you used the same size magnets from Catan :) Guess I know what i'm going to be doing with my extra 200+ magnets I'll have left over ha. Thanks for all the work.

Cool :) that is exactly the reason why I used those because I still had a bunch of those laying around :) Happy printing then :)

WOW! This looks absolutely stunning! I want one! :)

Thx :) no prob just print one ;)