Good Samaritan 1.0: Hellboy

by Droidronaut May 4, 2018
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Making this now. I think I had a layer shift the affected the cylinder, inside the chambers, and then again on the trigger.. I was able to sand out the cylinder. I'd like to get individual files so I dont have to print the ones that I dont need. Hoping to complete the prints by the end of the week.

I am traveling at the moment. I will have some time here in the next hour or two to try and upload single files for you.

I’m printing this as I type, I have a question? Could you tell me where the springs are supposed to go? Or what places get specific hardware?In your description you mentioned you left spots to place springs for the trigger/ hammer etc...

There are hollowed out sections in each part to run electronics. Wire channels etc. When you put the two sides together the gaps you see are the places for the springs. There are 3. For the hammer, the trigger and the reload release. If you need help putting it together i will do what I can to help you.

does it have the same scale as the movie prop?

I printed mine at 90% of movie prop size. So bump up the scale by 10% and you will be right on the money.

Awesome design. Quick question: Do the hammer and trigger work? Or is there a way to connect them?

It does work. You can use springs like I did, or drill holes into the base of the hammer and add a rubber band. It will work the same way.

Awesome model mate. I'm very curious though, what are the channels in the barrel for?

I ran some wiring through there and also used them to add weight to the model. I wanted it to be heavy.

Oh that sounds cool too. Should have added it in mate.
Still a fantastic model

I did. It weighs a fair amount. A little over 1.8kg. Thanks for the feedback. It is appreciated. Added another Hellboy prop in the last couple days. Check it out. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2938775

Locator 1.0 - Hellboy