3D printed 5015 radial fan/blower

by cimo May 5, 2018
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What motors do this use?

it's written in the description: Multicomp MC36257

Hello just wondering how a fan like this compares to a bought fan? I would rather go this route of making my own but if it doesnt work adequately i might as well buy the real one, how well does one of these homemade fans work

I've compare it to the stock prusa fan and it works just the same. No increase or decrease in performance. I'm pretty happy with it so far and I'm not thinking of replacing it. If you balance it correctly it's also very silent.

Here what I have come up with, you need to drill the motor housing out to 6.5mm to allow for it slip onto the stem of the bearing housing..
I found an error this Part OK now.

your part has been added to the list.
If you'll have pictures of the finished part, please let me know and I'll upload them too :)

Comments deleted.

I'm testing again today, if it work, I'll post the part for you to look at today.

Great! Good luck with printing your new fan

Here a cross section without the motor add, I need to draw that as well.
See where the spring goes.

I am not so sure why would there be a spring in the shaft.
I am also not sure how you will fix the printed part on the motor. I glued it in place with double-sided tape first to see if there are any issues, then i glued it with epoxy.

Spring to large but hope you get the idea where it goes.

Having filament issue and the motor slips over a very thin sleeve, then the bearing inside of this.
I will print once more, as I've adjusted the size a little more.
Plus I found a conical 2mm spring inside the turbine area, this spring on the turbine shaft once you add the circlip it spring loaded.
See my attachment photo of it.
I post cross section once I've draw it.

I'll print it tomorrow as I'm busy helping a friend.

Ball bearing are this type: 5 x 2.5 x 2mm:
I'll do a test print and get back to you soon.

Very cool!
Awaiting your news and feedback :)

I'v just download your files, and realise there Fusion files included.
I upload a new bottom section shortly.

Yes, I have added all Solidworks parts, so that everyone can add a twist and enhance the parts.
it would be great if there would be more models for more type of fans and bearings ;)

Hi There,
I would love to help, in making ball bearing bottom housing as I've disassemble a 5015 ball bearing fan, and was thinking how cool it would be if everyone could upgrade to a ball bearing type.
Do you have your Fusion drawing of the bottom section?
So I mod the bottom section for you.
I measure the ball bearing for you as well, I hope it a matter of adding bearing into a new bottom section and this mod can be done.
Cheers Andrew

Hi there! I know it's been awhile but did you found a way to make these with radial bearings?

No good and given up trying to make this work, the design of the bearing housing is to fine, and 3d print is not strong for making this part.
To weak at the circle part of the bottom housing, and cannot make bigger due to the clearances.

wow, great...you can use and mody the files how you want.
I would be glad if you could share your desing, so that I could add a link to your model when it's finished :)

How did you get the printed blade balanced?

I haven't really balaced anything as it already seems very stable by itself

Thank you! I really have to try this, my new 5015 doesn't do well with PWM