Fortnite Heavy Shotgun

by Kolektiv May 6, 2018
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Can you turn this into a keychain

Comments deleted.

Can you make the details in the original file?

I don't quite understand what you would like me to do. do you want me to add details to your file or re upload the shotgun file to yours which is more detailed?

I'll print it once my printer's fixed!

Are you able to make the characters and maybe also them doing an emote? If so, could you make a maxed out omega skin (all its armor on) doing the "Flippin Sexy" emote?

I'm not able to make the skins entirely but through data-mining i can pull out the models for the skins and do so.

Cool! Is it possible you could do that and upload the model please?

On to print number 3, first print the stock ended up shifting from the main body of the gun as it was just "floating" on the support so it looks like three layers, the trigger guard broke right away and the hilt broke off. Second print I stopped 1/4 way done as the stock broke away from the support. I also didn't print the gun along the y access I rotated it so it ran along the x access so maybe that could have affected things a bit too.

For print attempt 3 I stood the gun straight up so stock was on the bottom and is currently printing.

Make a Fortnite FAMAS. That would be awesome!

Great idea! It should be done in about a week (or less depending on my luck!).

The STL is corrupt, can you correct it and upload it again?

I apologies for the inconvenience, i re uploaded the file. It should work now.