Makita 18V Battery Holder For 1" Pegboard

by Matt2000 May 6, 2018
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Thank you very much! Could you provide the step-file or an editable file? I would like to change the holes.

Works well, I just printed a couple. I left you a tip.

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excellent work.

I would suggest couple improvements though.

I would eliminate the protrusion where the battery locking mechanism slides over,
so that you don't have to push in the button to remove the battery.
gravity and friction should be enough to hold the battery in place.

and you could also angle the holder maybe 20 degrees or so, that you can remove the battery more easily,
rather than lifting it straight up, lifting it up and forward would be much easier, and does not interfere with things mounted above the battery, if any.

Thanks for the suggestions. I like the satisfying click when the battery goes in but you're absolutely right it would be much easier without it, nice and simple to chop that out.

The angle would certainly make a big difference too, I do tend to have trouble with things above. I will have to experiment with the design, adding an angle could also remove the need for supports which would be a bonus.

Thanks again for creating this excellent model to begin with.