QU-BD One/Two-Up Z-Rod Top Bracket

by DDeGonge888 Apr 5, 2014
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What finally worked for me after trying to print this thing 2 dozen times was to turn it on it's side and tilt it at a 45 degree angle as pictured here: http://i.imgur.com/SgJXZ77.png Otherwise it always peeled. Unfortunately it still did not work for my machine as the coupler lifts the top of the rod too high so the bearing sits halfway out of the top of it's holder and quickly pops out.

can you print this on its side for less bridges? It looks like you could turn it 90 degrees in the x axis and their would be little bridging.

This made a noticeable improvement on my OneUp, which had the metal coupling. I was seeing Z artifacts with the same pitch as the Z drive screw and after adding this they've all but disappeared! Printed with no support and it came out great, although your printer needs to be configured well enough to bridge a fairly large (~40mm) gap.

Can this be used with a flexible coupler like the one QU-BD is selling?

yes but it may not improve prints much further since this is mostly a correction for printed flexible couplings which don't always sit straight. A metal flexible coupling should solve most/all of your problems straight out.

This could cause the stepper motor's stator to bend/warp or some other permanent damage. The best solution it to get a LoveJoy coupling from http://Applied.comApplied.com (item #'s 102133446, 102145783, and 101085962) and an anti-backlash nut from DumpsterCNC. I already use these on my CNC and didn't hesitate to get them for the Two-Up. Corrected all Z-Wobble.

Did you press the bearing to rod adapter into the bearing, then the bearing into the bearing holder?

I put the bearing in last, but I don't think it matters too much the order. Just make sure the "bearing to rod adapter" is alligned as straight as possible on the top of the rod.

What position do you put this to print? Do you print it as-is, and use a support structure? or do you print it on it's side or something?

It prints as is. Make sure you have a fan on your extruder, otherwise it will probably not be able to bridge that far of a distance.

So no support is needed then?

nope no support!

I need to modify the file, my z rod is glued to the stepper so It's lower than usual, can you get me the files in something that I can handle in openscad? please...

Well just to warn you ahead of time, there may be problems with that. If it is glued on and is crooked, this probably wont help much. It will instead just make the entire gantry wobble even more as it tries to keep the rod straight. That is the reason I designed it the way I did and said it works best with another coupling/flexible coupling. Your best bet would be to make some kind of floating nut, to allow the nut to move all over the place but not push the gantry side to side.
With that being said, if you would still like to try I would be happy to upload another file type. Just let me know what extension would work best for importing into openscad!