Lens Cover and Controller Holder for Oculus Go

by Chimaera May 8, 2018
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Hi a guy on youtube shows using a 40X20mm fan to cool down the oculus go when it gets too hot. I bought the fan but the only thing i did not like is that he used magnets to hold it onto the oculus face. So I'm into 3d printing and just made a Fan Holder that you just clip on and easily take off. Here's the link if anyone wants to try it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3731555

Oculus Fan cover clip

Are you putting the Oculus Quest version on Thingiverse? Or are you only selling them already printed?

I'm selling them printed only, sorry. See this Reddit thread for the reasons - https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/bphh89/go_cover_quest_cover_and_me/

Awesome, can you make one for the oculus quest ? thanks :)

Awesome! Fits my go perfectly. I printed the full piece, no logo, in gray PLA to match. The ring holds the controller in a position where it won't fall out in transport. Thanks for designing this. I am still deciding if I want to add some felt to the lens side of the cover to prevent accidental touches.

Nice design. Will this fit an Oculus Go that has the WidmoVR prescriptions lenses installed.

Sorry, I honestly don't know for sure but looking at the pics on WidMoVR's site I'd say yes it should be ok - there's quite a large gap between the stock lenses and the lense cover.

It did fit fine. I couldn't get the controller holder to fit in the hole. I think I might have to do a bit of filing.

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PS you can buy the battery he is try to sell you in Aliexpress or Wish much cheaper and work perfect

ITEM needs removed from thingyverse, Creator removed the original files, now all you get is Bait and Switch, You get a design that says the words Sorry, How about just removing the Crap!

Looked and worked great. The controller holder snapped into place perfectly and had just enough resistance so that it could be positioned without rotating on it's own. Perfect design. Well done.

Amazing design and incredibly practical.
Not to mention the absolutely AWESOME fact that the person who created and uploaded it actually fulfilled a request on Christmas Day!!

Chimaera..........If I had a hat, I would doff it to you!!!!

Awesome! I just got an Oculus Go for Christmas and will definitely be printing this. Do you think you can upload a version without the controller holder (Just the cover) Thanks for designing this.

Merry Christmas - new version uploaded just for you, enjoy your new Go!

Thanks so much! Merry Christmas to you as well.

Great job, love this.

Great idea and design. Thanks so much.

Love this, but the controller holder doesn't do the best job holding the controller in place. Possible to add a ridge to catch on the battery "slice" (Where the two halves of the controller split to open the battery compartment) on the controller for extra hold?

Man I swear I uploaded that already, but somehow I missed it. v3 of the controller holder is up now, with a center ridge. Great minds think alike :)

Is this version of the controller holder still in the files? I didn't see it but could be blind. Thanks!

Wonderful! I'll give this a shot later today. Thanks for adding that.

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What kind of filament gave you that beautiful granite look?

This is a great idea. Any chance of making it print in parts so I can do it on my Monoprice Mini?

Ditto on this request. I tried to modify this in openscad to trim off the corners, and something about the controller holder hole causes the modified part to have errors in integrity.

Could you put out a 'v3' that is just cut in half across the 'middle'? I have a Robo with a small bed, and would like to print it in 2 pieces and glue 'em together.

Split design uploaded, it's quick and dirty and I'd like to do another version where it has an overlapping piece you can put glue on - but this'll do for now :)

Edit : ok, overlapping wasn't too bad - that version is up now too.

Thank you. The split and overlapped part looks pretty good. if you ever refresh this, you might consider moving the hole for the controller holder to the center of the split piece. :)

Your quick response is greatly appreciated. I have 2 of these to print today. :)

The hole is dead center on the "split" one, but on the overlap I wanted to move the seam so it was between Oculus and Go. Honestly it'd be better to split the non-logo version but I didn't think of that at the time.

hey I've been trying to find something like this for my rift CV1, when I've got it in a suitcase. any chance you could design one of these for the Rift?

Just wondering if you could turn the snapper on the ring 90 degrees, so it could be printed without support.

That's a really good idea, v2 of the Controller Holder added.

Thanks for this, but V2 of the holder seems to have issues. When I load it I get "holes" in it.

Which slicer? Literally all I did was ungroup the 2 objects, turn the snap 90 degrees and regroup them before saving. It doesn't throw any errors in Simplify3D.

I use Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.37.2

Here is a screenshot:


Edit - It's awesome as-is (without the ring) BTW. Thank you.

Wow that's really odd, I tried in Cura 3.2 and it worked fine there too. Glad you like the cover, I'm amazed at how popular it has been - definitely something Oculus should've included from the beginning.

This is awesome and perfect! That you so much for making this so quickly, I was hoping someone from the community would sold this issue.