Milwaukee Tool Holders

by Taaang May 8, 2018
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Thanks for the heads up. It mostly doesn't bother me. I can't imagine they are making much of a living doing this. If you feel it would be helpful to the community to take some kind of action let me know, otherwise I'll let it slide.

Plenty of action has been taken by other. So you don't need to do anything :-).

Is there any reason it is so long? I printed one and was thinking it could be about 2 inches shorter and do the same thing and print a lot faster.

It definitely doesn't need to be so long. I should really update it and move to front screw hole into the notch and move the rear hole up. Sometimes needs to be a little different depending on the tool.

I would really appreciate it I have to print about 20 of them for my garage and a 2 hour print would be a lot better than a 3.5 hour print

There I added a shortened version of the block. I have not tried printing it, but the block should extend almost the same as a battery in a 1/2" drill.

Just letting you know, if you dont already. Someone is selling these on amazon. ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MZGR3XF/?coliid=I2XH1TG8KMB2LH&colid=2GWTECLJ0QLGI&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it ) Just thought id bring this to your attention. Planning on printing some of these myself very soon!

The proudly designed and printed in the USA Flag on the picture in my garage is particularly laughable. Is marketing a Canadian design as your own what counts for American Ingenuity these days?

They look completely different than your design. Did they change them after the fact or do you own the concept of hanging a power tool by its battery slot?

The guy literally posted a picture taken in my Canadian garage put it in his ad and slapped “Designed in America” on it. No problems with them selling them at all, I freely posted it. Just sad that someone would lie and pretend it was an original idea.

If anyone prints one, I would love to see a picture!