Kirak Infil'a's Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 May 9, 2018
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Do you have this that can be exported as one complete model versus being broken into the multiple parts?

Sure, I just uploaded a complete version, I typically would not do this for most of my uploads, but the assembly on this one is a little janky, so I don't mind.

Thank you! I want to print one to go with my ROTS Vader setup and all the assembly parts were throwing me off with the angles.

Would you check the Middle_Chamber stl file please, Brad. It's 130+ MB, which seems WAY too large. It's giving my software fits even to load. Thanks! :-)

Hey man, sorry for my insane delay getting back to you, work got crazy. I uploaded a new version that's much smaller, its labeled "Middle Chamber 2" I haven't done a test print yet, but it should be fine, let me know if you encounter any issues

So you were doing ACTUAL work for your employer who pays you. I think that qualifies as a legitimate reason not to immediately do free work for a stranger. ;-)

This one looks good. At least Repetier will load it without balking. Thanks so much for putting it up. I'll let you know what happens when I print.

I know the nerve of me!

I had some trouble while modeling that part in Rhino which lead to a silly work around where I exported two objects that refused to boolean as OBJs, imported them into ZBrush, ZRemeshed them and then exported again as an OBJ and back to Rhino.

Wow Looks Amazing Definitly gonna print

I recently was watching/listening to Star Wars Theory on YouTube about this very saber. It's neat to find out how it's crystal was bled and used to construct his first lightsaber as we know it in the films. Another great saber! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you! I know it's pretty deep track lightsaber, but I'm glad it's getting some love!