Hawk Eye : a three axis tourbillon project

by Alduinien May 10, 2018
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Hi, could you please share the spec for the M2 screws? Would Socket cap head DIN 912 work fine? Any special recommendations?
Thanks for the great design and help!


My printer is only 140 mm by 140 mm. Anyone tried to resize this Model.
Or tried to cut it to fit to small 3d printer.

Excellent design by the way

I am having a little trouble getting the balance wheel and escapement to move correctly. I have built other tourbillons on thingiverse and they seem to settle right into a nice tick but this one, when I try to turn the escapement by hand and set the balance wheel oscillating tends to reduce in magnitude until it is ticking really quickly and eventually stops. Does that make sense? It feels like the hairspring might be too thick or something? Do you you have any hints?

I am actually starting to suspect it is the escape wheel. The impulse slips on the escape wheel at the same point in the escape wheels revolution each time. Any idea why this might happen? I have tried it with two different escape wheels now

This is an awesome build. Would you mind sharing the CAD files in native and STEP format? I am having trouble printing the gears and I would like to modify the CAD files so they are are a bit more printer friendly. I have been battling an "elephants" foot on the gears which is not going to fly in the assembly. I don't want to compromise the bed adhesion either so I would like to fix this by adding chamfers to the bottom. The source files will also help when measuring the actual printed part vs the design intent. Let me know what you think.


I had print and assemble the tourbillon and horizontal pivot.
When I give the part a quick test, I found that the at certain point the lever do not work, it seems the lever had lost power and not kicking. After I turn the escape wheel directly for several gears, it work well again, and after a cycle it did not work again. I think there must be some issue in certain parts of the gears I print and I will find out exactly where the problem is in my print after time.

thank you so much for sharing!

I don't know much about watch crafting, is there a particular reason why there is only the minute hand in your design?

Great project!
Is the vibration frequency 10530Hz? Do you think that adding minutes and maybe even seconds would represent too much load on the assembly?

Great project! Having a blast building this. Though some parts give me fits (Bridge-1 anyone?). I have a stepper motor/bracket question ... the "standard" Arduino 5V stepper motor does not seem to line up with the holes in the motor. Should they?

I am about 1 month into the project and can't wait to finish! I just came across some filament from igus (Iglidur I170) which appears to print similar to ABS. It is designed for low friction so plan to use that for the gear-train components and regular PLA for the rest.

Thanks for posting!!! I'll update with my progress.

Hi there, have you finish building this project yet? Is everything going well?
I have problems on deciding the length of the screws and places to put screws on when looking into the build guide as screws are not shown on the build guide and the author left me to decide the length of screw, which I don't think I can from the time being (just read the instruction).
Do you have some advice on the amount and the length of the screw use in different places?

I think I posted in your "make" of this project. With the 0.3mm nozzle, it keeps jamming with the Igus filament. I have to decide between going to PLA/ PETG versus switching to a 0.4 mm nozzle.

What nozzle size is everyone using? My The plans call for 0.3, 0.2, and 0.1. My original plan was to use "one step up" for everything - 0.4, 0.3, and 0.2. Well I tried the 0.2 and it under-extruded like crazy. So then I dropped it for the 0.3; and I am getting clogs with one material type.

I'm only about 60% done printing parts. I had a two-month span where I needed the printer a lot for work and had to leave the 0.4 mm nozzle loaded. I tried with the 0.2 mm nozzle and my Anet A8 with stock direct-drive extruder was under-extruding. I also have yet to run the new filament from IGUS; but will have to print with 0.3mm nozzle. I probably won't start assembly until I'm all done printing which might be around Christmas.

What filament do you use?

I used EMotionTech PLA Premium, that's the best result I got so far I think. But I did not try many different filaments so there might be better ones.

Can I have the original files to modify?

Some parts don't work properly for me and I would to play around with the CAD. E.g. my escape wheel and trap.

Additionally, Gear 4,5, 6, 6tip appear to be too small for a bearing with ID 5mm. There isn't a nice fit on the bearing inner surface.

Otherwise its going ok so far. Thanks for the design!. Would you consider doing the Astronomia Watches from Jacob & Co?

Other odd sizings - Gear 8 does not fit HY-HP-Beam-1/2 there is a massive spacing of over 1mm. I believe this should be a much tighter fit.

HY-G-Gear-1, this should be ekeyed for the escape wheel. There is a lot of force being pushed through this gear and it slips from the escape wheel quite easily. Alternatively glue should be used

Additionally it is very hard to measure STL files, again would be preferable if we can get the original CAD.

I acknowledge the sizings may differ from one printer to another. There is no perfect ones. I am sorry but I do not wish to publish the CAD files. I'll consider making a few public eventually only if it's really necessary.

So I'm half way through making this and I'm getting a bit disappointed. I'm using a Flashforge Creator Pro with a build table of 227 L X 148 W X 150 H mm. Some of the parts are just too big to print. I split the HY-VP-Cradle in half, but the seam isn't smooth enough to do the other parts I found out were too big. I'm not very good at modeling so I don't know if I can split the remaining parts and end up with something that works. I went through the rest of the parts I have to print and here is the list of the ones that are too big to print:

HY-S-Structure Base

So I would check these parts to make sure you can print them before you spend the money on the rods and bearings. Maybe someone with better modeling skills than me can split these parts.

I'm sorry, but I designed this thing for printers with at least a 200x200mm build surface. However there might be several solutions to your problem :
For the structural parts, have you considered spliting them in halfves vertically? If you leave the screw holes intact you could have them hold each other by making the seams cross each other perpendicularly. And if it's not enough you can still glue them together.
For the coil, this part is not necessary if you decided to make a motorized version, otherwise you can scale down the outter perimeters (just keep enough surface to guide the wire so it won't get stuck outside the coil)

Good luck.

This is amazing. On my list to do next. Will post results

thanks for sharing.
how many bearings, screws (and sizes) and length of rods are required for this build?

from the included guide:
"Here is a (non comprehensive) list of the tools and additional parts you will require to build the Hawk Eye :
• Ø5 x Ø2 x 2.5 mm ball bearing (x4)
• Ø10 x Ø5 x 4 mm ball bearing (x3) (3 extra for motorized version)
• Ø22 x Ø8 x 7 mm ball bearing (x2)
• Ø2 x 11mm axis
• Ø2 x 16mm axis
• Ø3 x 45mm axis
• [2-20mm] M2 screws + washers + screwdriver
• Hacksaw (for cutting axis)
• Sandpaper (for postprint and rectifying axis)
• For mechanical version : 1-2kg weight + fishing line
• For motorized version : Arduino UNO kit including a stepper motor"

i think you are missing a bearing on the balance wheel. in fact i find it odd you didnt add bearings for that entire shaft

thanks for that, i didnt see the guide,pdf in the sea of components.

maybe you would want to include this info in the design description so less people bother you with the same inquiry :)

This looks amazing! Thanks for being willing to share it!

Super stoked for this!!

looks awesome
please let me know when we can down load all the parts to print I have a printer but need to test the accuracy and this would do a great job.

Can’t wait to try this out!

WOW looks like a challenge so eagerly awaiting the files :)

Only thing i can think of is the size of it. I assume the outer parts are broken up in pieces to print on 20x20 bed?

Probably a difficult build but yeah, i'll give it a go :)

Fantastic! I love this watch. Thank you

Can you advise me on where or who can print a 3D of :Deep Space Tourbillon of VIanney Halter, a 3 axis tourbilion?

I seen the note about it still being WIP. I'm looking forward to testing my printer on its ability to make uniform parts for a complex machine. Amazing design work and a wonder on how the original creator of the design came up with this.

when I download this it is just in one fully assembled object. is it meant to be all the separate pieces as separate file?

It's a work in progress

Ah cool. I look forward to seeing the end result