Armadillo Headphones

by DeskGrown May 10, 2018
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Im wondering if it would be possible to have (or if there is) any version of this but for 49mm speakers, that literally would save me really good quality heaphones that sadly the body broke, and now i only have all the electronics. Thanks, and very awesome model!

What size cushion do you use on this? 55mm? round?

I'll try and remix this for my Senheiser HD 202, if that's alright. I love my headphones but the band broke off.

RCLifeOn made a great video about this. Nice model!


Can I use other parts of the headphones ( speakers, ear cushion and wire) of other brands that are available to me??

You can try but there is a risk that they will sounds bad or the drivers won't fit. If you use the parts we provide everything is guaranteed to work well: https://www.deskgrown.com/product/armadillo-headphones-kit/

That kit is over my budget, can I get a discount or something please? If you agree so please mail me the code at [email protected]

Do you think you would be able to modify the design to be able to house the electronics of Enyo Bluetooth headphones?

Cool design. I would like to see a mod for removable cables.

Excuse me I will have to be honest here.

Disclaimer: I printed with PETG so maybe another filament will have better result.

The cup is nice and the driver fits snug. with the screw on cover working flawlessly, so far so good.

On to the clips, I had to scale them a little bit on the width to have a good fit, otherwise it wouldn't enter. As of the "pins", I could not get a reliable fit, easily fixed with a bolt and nut, I recommend this if you want something more solid and safe.

And now the headband. The frigging headband... It took me hours to get the first layer to stick well because of the little pins in the elastic part. I guess we can say my printer wasn't well calibrated and I learned about PETG first layer adhesion (I ended up trying Kepton tape and spray glue) but it was still a challenge. Once I managed to get a good print, it was all stuck together. As I tryied to free the joints, it cracked and I lost most of them. Second print, better result ( I kept some pieces from the first headband as they are detachable) but I still had some cracks as I freed the joints. Even if it didn't crack, the joints go too far and they are the first part to move when I put the headphones, before the spring can actually bend. This results in an unequal and very low amount of force on the ears and a horrible sound quality.

In the end, even if I press the phones on my ear to hear the best possible quality it is pretty bad on the bass/side and too bright... I don't know what I expected. Well, in the drawer these go!

I guess the folding mechanism is neat and the pictures look good, but the design could be made so much stronger and less fiddly on the joints. For example it could call for simple nails or bolts as joint pins which assure a stirdy movement, also the lip that extends to stop the headband pieces from bending in the wrong direction is too short and is easily useless.

for reference, these are the driver I purchased:


It seems that you have calibration problems with your printer to be honest. I've had a lot of people successfully print these with good flexibility in PLA so maybe the PETG is to blame in this case?

As for sound quality that depends on the drivers you chose. If you go with the ones on our web they sound nice as they were tuned specifically to them: https://www.deskgrown.com/product/armadillo-headphones-kit/

Where can I buy the drivers and cushion except in your shop? What are the exact models / manufacturers?

It's still printing, but I'm loving the design so far. The cups is well designed and the headband....I wasn't expecting it to flex so much. Definitely a technique I'm going to borrow for my designs.

As far as sound quality goes: I stuck in some generic 7$ drivers to experiment with and...it's pretty bad. Way too much sharpness/treble and no bass. Adding a small foam ring to the back of the driver, and filling the outside cavity in the headphones with foam helped quite a bit.

UPDATE: The rotator apparently is the weak spot here (already broke both of them). I believe it's due to the layer orientation, both of them delaminated pretty easily. I think it should be easily fixed by printing the model with the curved face towards the build plate. Obviously removing this curved plate would make printing a lot easier.

Alternatively, printing it on its side would make for the strongest part in terms of delamination, but would require a bit of support under the connection pin.

Please try increasing the infill level of the rotator to 85%. If you are using a high quality PLA that will be sufficient. Don't forget to post the make when it's done :)

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I made these and I'll be posting a make soon. The ear cups are pretty small, and so they dont form a very complete seal with my ears. The sound quality and bass takes a major quality hit because of this. Compared to these monoprice headphones that have served me for years and cost less than these parts, this print is just an inferior product. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=8323&gclid=CjwKCAjw6djYBRB8EiwAoAF6oYYa9Nb1iZ8G8MCskX7BQCil9XFVU-0g3pI4sz3PkX5D4RS9DF4ZkxoCqQgQAvD_BwE

I think OVER ear, as opposed to ON ear, would sound much better. This design could be adapted to have much larger ear cups and fit a larger pad.

However, the quality of the design is excellent. The hinges, sliding pieces, and threads are extremely well designed. I'm really impressed with this quality of design and I look forward to seeing more in the future from the designer! Printed pieces that fit together and interact this well are awesome to see.

Do you think you could provide the original Fusion 360 files with the BREP version of the models for remixes?

Can we get the specs of the audio driver, I might not be able to get it shipped to my location, but want to try and find a similar pair.

and you make a version for one cable? the second cable will be hidden in the rim.

It's a slick design, but mine broke almost immediately @ the joints in the band. I glued one back solid and the other side broke in the same place. I printed in ABS using the suggested orientation.

Did you use the recommended infill levels? You can find them here: https://www.deskgrown.com/assembly/armadillo-headphones-assembly/

In the end it will always depend on the material-printer combination you use. The brand of the filament can also have as big of an impact on strength as the material type.

the joints on the band are a frigidity, on mine, one of them can't be unstuck without breaking.

What do you say for printing that headset in PETG filament?

I think PETG would be too sticky for the print in place folding mechanisms

I really liked it. can you make a version with a microphone?

Happy you liked it! A mic version is coming up within next week. Just add yourself to the product notification list on our page to get alerted (right sidebar on page): https://www.deskgrown.com/about/


This is a great idea. Now that I've printed it, I'm not so sold on the way the headphones connect to the sliding headband adjuster piece. I feel that the joint there should be stronger.

The headband design is awesome and really well made.

That's awesome, make sure to share some pictures!

When testing for durability that area (where the plug is inserted) was never the breaking point. As long as you have printed all of the pieces in the suggested print orientation you should be fine!

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