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by efrenchavez May 10, 2018
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Hey there! Absolutely amazing ! However a small question / request is it possible to orient the numbers in a way that when I turn the counter it's in decreasing order?
Right now if I have 10 to turn the 1 all the way to 0 from 1-> 9 and the 0 all the way to 9 ... Basically since it sHP and most of the time I'm going down is it a possibility?


Currently, I don't have time to do the edits, perhaps you could Remix It. However, PLA or ABS (the only materials I have tested for this build) have enough flexibility you can spin the rings either way, without breaking or warping. Just make sure to clean support residue from the grooves on the surface of the core.

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Would you be willing to share the .dwg file? I'd like to remix it a dial showing days of the week, and use it to mark when our office coffee was made :-)

I don't have those. Would *.obj files be ok?

Yes, that would be great! Thanks!!!

I have uploaded the OBJ I still have. Haven't worked on this project for a while. Hoping they are still in the correct scale and everything.

I’ll give them a shot—thanks!


Would you be able to add another spinning ring that just have divots going around. Thinking about using as condition markers. Maybe with one face that is blank.

I will be uploading a ring that has alternating faces mixing blanks and notches. I had thought about such a ring being used to remember who the Monarch is in MtG Conspiracy games, hope it is of use to you. If you had something different in mind let me know.

I could not print it out as it is with a .4 mm nozzle. The arms were 1.5 line with long. As remedy, I increased its size by 50%. Does anyone else have an idea how to make it smaller?

I am not very technically minded, but the specs for my Flashforge finder mention it has a 0.4mm nozzle and I have not experienced any problems printing any of these pieces. Maybe you need to check your print settings.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Thanks, but it's probably me :) Anyway, 50% bigger works just as great :)

Are you able to make / provide a disk without numbers on it? This way people can use it as a static piece to break up the numbers.

For example, for use in D&D for a 6 piece unit, it could go (temp HP) blank (HP). Awesome design regardless!
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Sure, although using differently colored plastic for both numbers should also work. I will be uploading this and other new things shortly.

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