Lithophane rgb led lamp - model + tutorial

by Julien_DaCosta May 10, 2018
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Hello, could I use your lamp design for auctioning? and sell her?

j'ai trouvé pour quoi j'arrive pas a mèttre ma photo prise par photofitre il suffit juste de changer le format de la photo

i use Gimp to make the collage up to 8 Photos.
i create a new wall with 6840 x 2000 and put all the Photos in.
then i resize them, so that they fit perfect.
you should make all the photos in greyscale and increase light and contrast...

Muy bonita y simple , muchisimas gracias!!!!

Thank you very much!

hola buenas ,antes de nada gracias por el aporte, lo tengo todo preparado para imprimir pero con esa comfiguraccion la litho no me baja de un dia y 12 horas me parece mucho ... cuando a ti te salen bastantes menos horas

Can I use a different lamp cable? The one you have posted does not ship to the us.

This one should fit: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/hemma-cord-set-white-10175810/

I have a discontinued IKEA lamp cable that fits perfectly and the one above appears to be exactly the same.

I really don't know. The design is quite specific to this lamp câble. Maybe you can find an US alternative that fits.. Americans nearby to answer ?

Printing this stuff now. Doing it all at 0.2mm Layer Height, Spent like 2 hrs trying to get 3 pics sides by side... what program did you use.? thanks.

Hello, thank you. I used an old software photofiltre 7 : http://www.photofiltre-studio.com/pf7.htm
It only works on Windows. Open the two images in Photofiltre. Copy one of them and use the "special paste" in the edit menu.

heyy i love your design, but i cant get the setting on 3dp so i figured i could print them on square lithophanes, but since the lamp shade support is made for round ones i cant do it, I would thank you a lot if you could help uploading a sahde support for square lithophanes! :D thanks a lot!!

I can't get that program to work at all...when I refresh, it just errors and goes back to blank slate...bummer.
But, this is an awesome print and I cant wait to figure out the issue and print this.

You talk about the website ? Usually it's a problem of computing performance. You can try a) using an other computer b) modifying settings c) using a lower resolution image (good solution)

I have the same issue as the OP. When I choose ANY pic, the website comes back with "awe snap, an error has occurred" I've created other litho's using this same site on this same computer. Very frustrated as I printed 3 base's, and 3 shade supports. I finally found a cord/socket like the EURO ones in your make, but with a US plug. I cannot figure out this pic resizing thing! I get the 3 to 1 thing, but all pics that I resize to this, are stretched or squatted and look terrible. maybe I'm just not smart enough to figure this out!!! Help please!

Sorry it's difficult to help you further. If your image isn't too private, you can send it to me and I'll give it a try.

Excelent design! Parts fit perfectly.
I used white ABS for the lithophane and worked just fine.
I`ll try to buid a solid base with something to hold the power cord in place.

I have a quick question about resizing in PhotoFiltre. I've already resized and assembled the pictures. When I go to Fit Image, width is 4000, height is 1335. "Optimize" is the only thing checked. Do I have to check "Accept Deformation" as well for this to work? Thanks.

Has anyone tried using wood filament for the base? I'm planning to use matterhacker wood filament for the bass then staining it after I finish. This is my first time using wood filament so I'm not quite sure what the settings I should use I have an Ender 3.

This is really amazing - nice job! Is there anyway to make the rough part on the inside of the shade and the smooth part on the outside?

Hi, I would like to know if both lamp supports fits perfectly one each other printing with ABS, or if its necessary make some adjustment before printing?

I had no problems. Perfect fit.

Hello can you please tell me how you get the 3 pictures together in the program photo filtre 7? I don't understand that.
I want to use 3 pictures and Print.
Your other Parts worked great
thanks ingo

you have to combine them first

Did anyone have any links for us in the U.S. for the Bulb Holder? Even if it is on Alibaba that would be fine. I would like to print this but need to make sure I can get the correct size Bulb Holder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Would you be able to send me the CAD file of the Base so I can modify this design to work with a holder here in the U.S.? That would be great.


Hello! What material did you print in? Also, does the bulb socket base get warm enough to be concerned about which material is used? Thank you for those links and picture!

Thanks for that info. I was just going to purchase this to see if it fit. Now I know it will as it was the same one I was going to purchase.

Thanks for the help and quick reply.

Great design. Going to attempt this. Are supports needed for lamp shade or lamp support?

No Supports Needed for Printing any part of the lamp or lithophane.

Because I need an empty cylinder ;) with outer curve 360 degrees I obtain a cylinder with a hole inside.

Hello, thank you for share this project!
I wanted to ask you, why did you use a curved image and not a cylindrical image?

Because if you pick Cylinder it is solid instead of a tube.

hi julien congratulations really good job. I try to do but marlin tell me more 40 hours the lithopahne, could you please tell me numbers: top solids layers, bottom solid layers, and perimeters you use 2. thanks very much

15 hours with these settings and It works well or 20 hours with 0.15 layer height.

anyone have any us links for amazon for referenced parts? thanks in advance

Hello, how many loop/perimeters did you use, please?

would this work using the outer curve lithopane? I currently have a few pieces that are 201 mm wide. it would just be one pane per lamp. Can you make a holder for something like that or can your design be used?

Or maybe we can just resize the two pieces int the slicer until the lampshade support fit the 201mm. I think it's a better solution with a bigger litophane we need a bigger lampebase too.

I use a outer curve litophane 360 degrees. The final size is 133 mm wide. If your litophane is a cylinder (360 degrees), we just have to adjust the little lampshade-support.stl.We need longer arms to fit with a 201mm wide piece.

Génial merci beaucoup avec le tuto qui va bien n'importe qui peut le faire encore bravo
J'en est fais 6
2 en bois 2 bronze et de marron ça ressort trop bien

On veut des photos ! :P

Elle me semble très bien cette lampe Litophanée ;)
Dis-voir c'est pas trop chaud comme ampoule si proche du PLA ?
Merci et beau travail.

Attention c'est une ampoule Led ! Donc elle ne chauffe pas ;)
par contre vous avez raison je n’essaierais pas avec une ampoule standard !

I use this free software http://www.photofiltre-studio.com/pf7-en.htm but works exclusively on windows. However there are plenty of sofware for this type of work


which program/website do you use to resize your photos?

Hello. I'm italian so sorry for my english. I can't understand which type of size i need for the image? For example, i want to upload 2image, which size they need to have? How much the first image and how much the second image? Thank you so much

Hello, no you don't have to upload two images, you have to upload only one image. You have to merge the two images with a software before uploading. A 4000 x 1335 pixels image works fine but any proportional resize 3x1 should work.

Hello and thank you for your model. Do you suggest to glue lampshade suport to lamp support? Thank you

It is normally not necessary to glue them because the two parts are "tighten" (don't know if my english is understandable) but maybe it depends of your printer.

Perfect instructions and stl !!!

Salut Julien,
Je viens de finir la mienne, c'est parfait ! Merci pour ce design !

Super ! On veut une photo pour preuve ! :P
Tout de bon pour la suite.

bravo julien superbe lampe et le model au top une future star

That's amazing. I use Paintshop Pro so I understand the picture dimensions perfectly. Now I have to find some images to try this out. Did you use PLA or what would be the best printing material ? Is this printed in white or what ? Thanks for your time.

White PLA works very well ! But i didnt' try out other materials until now. I plan to use natural PLA (no color) or some other light colors. If you experiment an other color I will be glad to see the result ! If you want to test before a big print, you can make a litte size test with the flat model on http://3dp.rocks/lithophane/
See you

I have added some print and material settings at the bottom of the description page! Thanks for the comment.

Hi ! No, 3x1.



Hi there, the image has to be 1 x 1,335 proportional?