Desktop storage - Thing (USB,SD,etc.) V1.0

by zork7783 May 11, 2018
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Great design and very useful!
The only negative is that the MicroSD slots are too shallow, and any vibration or tap to the holder makes the cards pop out!
Other than that, this thing is awesome

I printed your Desktop-storage-thing. I will post my make soon.
I fits really nice, but I would prefer to have more USB and less microSD-Card slots.
Is it too much if I ask you change the design for me and remove 8 microsd slots and use the free space for USB slots.
I am sorry, I would change it myself but I don't know how I can do this...

Thank you....

Sorry, I did not have time. I would have to change too much about the design. Maybe I rework the part sometime comlpett. But I can not say now if and when I do that.

Comments deleted.

NIce! Can you please upload the CAD file? I would like to remix your design.

STEP is online. Have fun :)

My only suggestion really is that the cup be a bit taller. 20mm and it would be above the middle of my pens in it. Great still!

Thanks, great idea! I uploaded it.