Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Flexi Dragon

by TheBeyonder May 11, 2018
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The joints may need some work; snapped off before I even took it off the bed.

love the look of the dragon. I wish he was stronger like flexi-rex. the dragon broke on two spots when I lifted it off the bed. I used 1.5 and 20% fill on my ender.

this is the original dragon.

by muzz64

I will update the info to reflect the original model. Thanks for the heads up.

Due to many personal requests my prototype two winged version now available at: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2931629
The two winged version requires skills and not really meant for beginners.

Two Winged Flexi Dragon

i love the dragon, i print one for my son, but im having an issue , the joins are too weak, the wings come right off at the first try outs, i believe that is the pins of the joins , no to much material so is the weak part, or maybe is me and the resolution that i printed? 0.28??. Im goin to scale it UP and see if i get better results, BUT I LIKE IT A LOT. thanks for it. keep it up.

Try a resolution of .15 (It states that under "Print Settings") at .28 that may be too large for the joints to be printed correctly. Upscaling should help but make sure you use the recommended resolution and infill as stated in the "Print Settings" directions under "Thing Details" for the model. Hope to see a healthy print.

I actually had already made a two winged dragon and I took some pictures of it for you. However after testing my near final rough model in the pictures both I and my testing friends agreed that it wasn't good for posting. It required generating way too many supports. This causes problems as it makes the print much more complex and prone to all types of problems. I chose to make this a simple, what I call, "Slice and Go" print as it seemed to hold up well and everyone can easily print it. As for the two winged dragon the model is rough as I stoped working on it. I can upload it if you want but I really think it is too rough, requires patience, support removing experience and the knowledge you may hurt yourself or the model removing the supports.

Hi, the design is awesome. Can you upload the two winged model?
Thank you.

I made the original two winged version a while ago but the print was full of errors because of my begginer skills, shape problems, deformations as well as supports that were heck to remove. After many many hours of working on it between my job and my son I am very close to coming up with a method to get the model at least half decent. I will try to upload it either later today or at least in the next few days (depending on my work load). Just know that it will still take some good experience removing supports.

I would be fantastic if the wings can spread to both sides

I have uploaded my prototype two winged dragon....see the comments.

Thanks, how nice of you!

The dragon doesn't flex too much in order to make it stand and be stable so forcing it could break it. I've printed quite a few and and my 2 year old son drops it every 5 minutes and no issues so far. (Not saying that there is or isn't an issue but there's a lot of factors along with so many different printers.) What print settings are you using? Did you find a z distance that worked for you? I will look into this further and await more feedback. If anyone else is having this issues please let me know.

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Really cool design but the Z height is too tall for the dragon to even be "flexed" in any position. When I tried to move the wing it broke. So I scaled the Z height down by 50% and am printing it now.