100% printable Screw Clamp

by Jacks-Filament May 12, 2018
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Remember, if you scale your screws (but not the bolts) by 2%-3%, make sure you only do so in the X/Y axis, not the Z, or you'll still run into tight fits.

Thanks! Great design, and handy STLs. I printed a pair and was shocked at how strong these are. Will work well for gluing even -- printing 3 more pair now :) :)

How strong are these actually? Just wondering if they can be used as wood glue-up clamps or if the pressure needed will snap the screw as it appears to be the weakest link. Is the thread standard size so it can be replaced with a metal one if needed?

The clamp can hold a couple of kilos. Not sure if thats enought for glueing.
The thread isnt standart. It designed to be 3d printable.

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can you please check my shortarm pivot, it seems to be smaller than the rest, is this ok!? I double checked the size...

Very cool clamp, hhanks for sharing!


Hi Tino,

i checked your photo, and you assembled it wrong. The shortarm needs the smaller jaw (jaw-shortarm.stl)

Thanks, didn`t noticed that there are two differene sizes, now it fits perfect. :)

Great design, thanks

I am trying to print this but none of the threaded things like the handle and screws fit into the threaded parts. What can I possibly be doing wrong?

did you calibrate your extruder? Please make sure it is not overextruding. Due to the tolerances (0,2mm) (not the thread, that has much more ) even a small amount of over extruding can leed to a not fit.

There's a bit of a trick to printing working screw threads with FDM machines, you usually have to scale the hole up by 2-3% or the screw down by the same amount to get a working fit strait off the bed.

Best advice ever.
Thank you so much :)

At the time I printed the threaded parts I was adjusting temps and extruder flow and somehow that made the parts smaller or they shrunk. I printed the threaded parts again at higher temp and extruder flow back to 100%. Everything fit but a little interior trimming was necessary for a few pieces to fit together. Was very hard to screw parts together I got blisters on my fingers doing it. But now it is all put together. Thank you for advice on adjusting sizes slightly. I will try that in the future.

Nice Design. Going to print one soon.

I can't want to print this. Great idea. Thanks for the STL's.