Infinity Gauntlet from Infinity War

by Zarlor May 14, 2018
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First off, awesome design. I'm printing one right now. I started out printing the fingers. However, the pinky seems to have an issue. The medial and proximal links seem to be off. Seems like the proximal link is too small. Has anybody else had this issue? Everything else seems to line up just fine so far.

I think that's probably how I made it and not a problem with your printer. :)

Just simply need to scale it up a bit. Just wondered if anybody had had the issue and what they did.

Excellent design and build. Could you post a pic of the underside of the gauntlet? Just trying to figure out how you zip tied it in place v/s gluing the pieces to the glove.

Yeah, I ended up just doing the zip ties and using a gold sharpie to color them. I did glue the finger caps to the ends of the glove though.

love this good luck with future projects

what a beautiful model. Didn't realize it was going to be so big but it works to great effect. Using the welding glove is a great idea and I attached it with Loctite GO2 glue and it works great. Just used nuts,screws and washers to connect the articulated wrist pieces. My Ender 3 did a great job printing that it required no post processing other than primer and paint. Finishing it with Rustoleum metallic gold makes it really pop.

Looks great! I might try using screws for the wrist parts too. I'll have to get my lights wired up before Halloween! I'll post more pictures after I get that working.

what file did you use for the stones?

I used the stones from this project: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2888091

Life-Size Infinity Gauntlet - Avengers: Infinity War

so how did you end up attaching the parts onto the glove?

I still just have zip ties for now. I'll probably take a look at it again sometime before Halloween and add the lights and make other changes. I've just been busy with other projects for now.

So I printed the first file "wrist" and it didn't turn out well at all. Are there any suggestions on slicing software, settings, supports that you might have. If so thank you.

I printed those parts with the wider part at the bottom, so it'd taper up to the top end. I used a raft because of this and I used supports only touching the bed (not supports everywhere). Cura as the slicer has good options for those settings.

Thank you so much for the quick reply. Sorry I wasn't so quick. I just got back from vacation and I'm testing out the changes you suggested. They worked on my test prints so they should on the gauntlet. Thank you again!

Where are the platforms for mounting the stones? Or are those not done yet?

Sorry, I've just uploaded those files now. There is a hole in the middle which I put LED lights in and the hole near the top is where I put a small magnet in. I have to finish wiring up the LEDs and then I can take a few more pictures.

Does it functional ? I mean If I wear it, can I make fist ?

Yes, I'll try and add a picture of that soon. I just got my battery pack so I will also be hooking up the led lights soon as well.

Is it true there is a 7th infinity stone?

Maybe, but you know what happens if the ego stone is brought together with the other infinity stones though!

Are there any models for the infinity stones? Great model btw

I had thought that I might go to the craft store and see if they had something I could use in the way of fake gems, but the more I think about it, the more I think I might have to render the stones to get just the right shape I want. The infinity stones are kind of rough looking, so I might render something I can print with translucent PLA. I also want to use magnets so I can take them in and out of the gauntlet for effect. Lastly, I might tinker around with some kind of LED lighting. I'll be sure to upload the stones if I decide to make them. You could also just print out the half dome shapes from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2763088 for the gems if you want.

Update: I just saw this wonderful model which I hadn't seen before I started working on my version of the gauntlet and it seems the stones will fit into the gauntlet without change https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2888091

Infinity Gauntlet
Life-Size Infinity Gauntlet - Avengers: Infinity War