Tension Belt Winder | Spanngurtaufroller

by MarcoFreymadl May 13, 2018
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Printed in PETG, works good, except the crank handle. Its pins are too large and broke off when pushing into the hole. I printed it scaled down to 98% and then it fit in, but broke off the first time I tried using it. Other than this it works great.

I wonder if this works with electrical extension cables

Nice design. If the parts are hexagonal or octagonal it can sit flat and no support material needed , so it can be printed flat. Also you can run a threaded rod along the handle to make it more stiff so its not going to break for sure. But you made a video of it working so thats awesome.

Hi. I know it isn't perfect. You can optimize every construction. I also printed without support material.

Definitely going to be making one of these to keep in the truck! Great idea and design, thanks for sharing with us!

Had to print the Spindle and Handle along the bed as the first snapped and I upped the shells and infill as I was using simple PLA.

This works fine, it perhaps feels a little week in use, but so far hasn't failed.

Improvement suggestions ....
The Crank Grip feels like it should be made more substantial, You have to remember its been used by a 250Lb trucker using gloves !
Perhaps the rod should be the same width as the grip, again just a feeling thing when is use.

But very happy with everything in general, thanks Marco

what a great job. Could you make some changes to this file?
I myself would, but I do not have the knowledge to do so.

Could you tell what slicer you use for this print and share settings for this print on i3 mega in this slicer? :) Great project :)

Hi nicek, I used Cura. I added a screenshot in the gallery where you can see the settings.

I'm printing the tall parts now standing upright. For more strength they should really be printed laying flat, but that would require alot of supports being used. I'll see how they turn out

I also printed the tall parts upright. I added a screenshot in the gallery where you can see how I have rotated the parts.

You are a legend. I am a truck driver and I was going to buy one. Now I can print it.

I am guessing this needs to be printed at 100% infill? What material did you use?

Thank you so much

Most forces travel along the surface and the interior of a body mosty pickup scew forces, for a stronger form you could increase the number of surface layers from 2, to 3, if the printsoftware allows you? This would supposedly act as a stronger ”eggshell”...

Thanks :-)
I printed it at 50 % infill and I used the material PLA+.