Beat Saber Darth Maul Vive Controller Connector

by Binary10 May 14, 2018
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What are the exact dimensions of this? I could only find the thickness.

It includes three different version with the following wall thicknesses: 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm

I’m more specifically looking for things such as the height and width. My printer doesn’t automatically scale it so to get it right I need to scale it myself.

The 0,5mm thickness version has the following measurements: 40,9 x 29,6 x 134,0 mm

What's stopping people from making these for WMR? I've looked everywhere and found nothing.

I've been wanting to make one for WMR, I will see if I can make one like this for it

I have the original wrist straps that comes with HTC vive, and they are too short, any idea? Thanks

Yeah I have the same ones, once the controllers are close enough to twist, there isn't any room to stuff the strap

Can I make this with Zmorph 3D printer with Voxelizer Voxel 3D Software?

Could you maybe make a oculus rift version?

Cool Design :)

But I have problems when slicing with Slic3r. There seem to be problems in the Mesh (see picture). When I activate "detect thin walls" it closes the gaps, but creates other errors, there is still a small hole.

Could you try to export the STL with other settings or upload the STEP file? Thanks!

EDIT: I installed Cura and it managed to slice it fine, there are still some small artefacts, but no holes. Repairing the Mesh with Meshmixer, FreeCad and Fusion360 did not work.

I've uploaded two alternative versions, one with a wall thickness of at least 1mm and one with at least 1.5mm.

Strange that I don't see such issues with CURA. Anyway, I've added a STEP file to the package. If this does not work, I could also upload a version with a thicker wall. Please let me know if it works now

Great! Thanks a lot. the 1mm version slices just fine already with Slic3r :)

This is a great design but my controllers keep wanting to fly out. I wonder if something can be added to ensure they are secure... I'm using Wii wrist straps which are a little thicker and I haven't found a good way to secure them like you did in the video.

Yeah, the design is specifically made with the original wrist straps in mind. But I guess it should be possible to make some good knots into your Wii wrist straps to keep the controller in place?

Do you have any suggestions on number of shells or infil or anything like that? I'm slicing this with Slic3r and it's leaving some strange holes near the top and bottom.

I never used Slic3r, I can only give the numbers I used for Cura.
Layer Height: 0.1mm
Wall Thickness: 1mm
Top/Bottom Thickness: 1mm
Infill Density: 50%

Will this hold? You are betting mostly on the thin black string to hold it since it that goes the controller could fly out.

Yes, if the thin black string does not hold, the controller probably flies out. Until know they hold just fine for me. But, how knows - I cannot give a guarantee here. If you want to play it safe, you could also put some tape around the ends of the adapter.

Can u do the same thing with the Oculus Touch controller please? I want to be darth maul!

How is the light saber aligned to the controller for Oculus Touch Controllers? Do they properly extend the handgrip?

No they are exactly the handgrip^^

Just to make sure. So they extend like shown in blue in the attached picture? Because in youtube videos in looks like the sabers extend like shown in red in this image.